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Chapter 8. The Academy: Jason V

Here's 8 everyone! No dirtiness but i hope you enjoy!

The Academy: Jason V

By the time I stepped out of the luxury “shuttle” that took us to Firman Academy, I had eaten with Kitch, beat him at his favourite shooter-simulator and had finally met Fozz. It was easy to see why Kitch liked him. He was really funny and super cute.

Along with being super cute, he was also super flirty, and I could tell it was annoying Kitch. When we were alone I let him know he had nothing to worry about with me and Fozz. Though I'd only known him for... well less than a day, Kitch was my friend. Probably the closest one I currently had, and I wasn't gonna ruin that.

The Academy was a private school for privileged teens in the city, and a lot of its' students boarded here from other colonies. It was amazing. The building was a gigantic dome on the outside, with fountains and statues dedicated to historic figures leading the way to the entrance.

I walked beside Kitch as we made our way with the rest of the crew through the buzzing plaza. I was nervous. The media was there, all trying to get a picture or interview with Cayden, who just smiled as he treaded through. I looked over at Kitch. He was beaming and had grabbed onto Fozz's arm. I smiled. They made a really cute pair.

Seeing Stripes everywhere did nothing to calm my nerves. They practically lined the way for us with their guns. The Stripes always made me feel uneasy. Though last night I had been more than happy to see them, usually I was afraid one would catch me stealing or something.

“Don't be nervous, It's not you they're here to see.” I heard a cool voice say.

I turned to my left and saw Tai. He was wearing a black long sleeved shirt now with loose fitting grey pants. “Uh, I'm not nervous.” I lie as I turn to continue marching forward.

“I can feel it.” he utters and I wrinkle my nose.

I look at him again and see him staring intently. I turn away at a loss of words. Hopefully training with him won't require me to say much.

We arrive at the massive entrance and my mouth gapes in awe. I had never been in the academy before, but I had heard about how impressive it was. Two rows of giant pillars mirrored each other across the room. And there was a massive fountain between two curved staircases. I could see a live band playing soft music in front of it, which amazed me. Actually it was more like an orchestra! Tables had been set up throughout the enormous room, with buffet tables at right and left and a was set up at the front of the room. Above everything were colourful and flashy holos of lights. I'd never seen anything like it, It all looked so... happy. Which didn't feel right. Not just a day after the attack.

I looked around. I recognized a lot of these people from the news and whatnot. Politicians, rich big-names, even some famous actors. Of course, the Stripes were in here too, lining the walls on both top and bottom floors.

A hostess greeted Cayden and started to lead him to our table. She was wearing a shiny black dress and looked gorgeous, and I felt a pang of jealousy towards her when she linked arms with Cayden. Though who wouldn't be jealous of that?

Our table was round and had little holos of our names flashing where we were to sit. I couldn't believe mine was there and I grinned ear to ear. I never thought my name would be on a seat at a table. Especially at an event like this.

Kitch sat at my right, and Maffan was at my left. Which was fine by me. Uric sat across from me too, unfortunately he was next to Torbul, who had been staring at me in the shuttle the whole way over. I fully expect he will do the same here. Probably gloating to himself about his “accomplishment”. Asshole. Still, he looked amazing in his dark coloured outfit. In fact, everyone cleaned up nicely.

Moments after we sat down, waiters came to drop off bottles of champagne and pitchers of water. I couldn't help but grin when the champagne was set down. I've never had it before and I wasn't going to pass it up. If it was being served here it was probably the best in Arum!

I looked to Cayden. He was next to Torbul and had opted for water. He was the only one at our table who had. Even Tai got champagne, which surprised me for some reason. Maffan poured me a glass and I instantly took a sip. Damn it was good. I wanted to drink the whole thing down, but I refrained knowing that it was probably a bad idea.

People kept flocking to our table to talk with Cayden while we all waited for the buffet tables to get lined with food. “You know, he hates all the attention.” Maffan says to me as I watch Cayden shake someone's hand.

He sure hides it well then. I thought he would have loved it. Everyone on the planet knows his name, he's even more famous than Prestigo! “Do you guys ever get jealous?” I ask him as I realize that the Hurricane's crew doesn't really get to share the spotlight with their captain.

He laughs, “Hell no, that's way too much pressure. I don't know how he deals with it.” he says before taking a sip of his champagne. That's when an extremely sexy and very well dressed man comes up to Cayden and practically throws himself at him. “But other times you wish you were in his shoes.” he laughs once more.

I chuckle, “I can see that!” I say as I take another sip, glancing over to Torbul as I do. He's still staring. That's when Kitch whirls around from Fozz and shakes my shoulder, making me spill champagne ass over the front of my... well, Kitch's shirt.

“Oh my gods, Prestigo's here!” he cries as he shakes me, still not registering that I was drenched in champagne.

This was so embarrassing and my face was now burning. Cayden had turned from the eye-candy that had approached him and I could hear Torbul's snicker. Great, Prestigo's here and I spill shit all over me.

“Oh, shit!” Kitch squeals, “I'm sorry! Fuck! C'mon!” he says as he pulls me from the seat by my arm and starts to lead me in zig-zags through the tables. I flush even more as the stares of Arum's elite start digging into me.

Finally he leads me to a very beautiful bathroom. He rushes into a stall to grab some, actually a lot of paper and immediately starts to blot at his shirt. “Goddammit!” he says as he attacks the fabric.
“Move over to the dryer,” he says as he pushes me in it's direction. Immediately the hot air starts to rush out of the pipe as Kitch hold my shirt out. After a while the wet mark seems to fade and we both smile. “Thank gods!” he says with a laugh.

I move to the mirror and grin when I see that the mark is virtually gone. Thankfully the shirt was a dark colour. “Phew,” I sigh as I turn to Kitch, “Thanks, you're forgiven.” I laugh.

“Hey, it's my shirt!” he says with a grin. “Now let's go! We have to get Prestigo to sign our asses!” he says as he grabs my wrist and leads me out of the bathroom.

We both freeze when we return to the crew at the table and I feel my stomach drop as I see the back of a purple clad blond man sitting in MY seat talking to Maffan. “Is that...” I utter to Kitch.

“Uh huh...” Kitch mumbles as he tightens his grip around my wrist.

Prestigo is sitting at OUR table in MY seat. Kitch sprints forward to sit back down and immediately extends his hand to the singer with the biggest grin I have ever seen on a person. I gulp. What do I do? Go up to him and say that he's sitting in my chair? And that I'm also one of his biggest fans? Slowly, I pace towards him.

I lock eyes with Maffan who looks stressed. That's when I remember that the two of them used to date. He seems to light up when he sees me though and he gets up to greet me, “Hawk! You're back! Ah, you saved the shirt!” He cries as he pats me on the back, “I'm going to head to the bar, can you entertain my ex while I'm gone?” he asks me with a wink and I beam. He smiles and lets out a long sigh as he takes off behind me.

I gulp and slowly move forward to slide into Maffan's chair, the blond muscle-man seems to notice me as he turns from Kitch. “Uh, hi.” I mutter as I feel my cheeks start to burn again.

I saw a smirk grow on his sexy lips before he opens them, “Why hello there,” he says as he reaches to wrap his arm around my shoulder. He leans close to me, “You're not my ex-boyfriend.” he says with a chuckle.

I force a nervous laugh, “Uh, no.” I say and he tilts his head.

“No, you're much cuter.” I must be blood red now.

I have to look away and I happen to catch Cayden, who' throwing me a very serious look. I swallow before turning back to the man beside me. “I-I'm Jason.” I say as I raise my hand.

He grabs it softly and kisses it, “A pleasure. And of course you already know who I am.” he says and I swallow again.

“Uh, yes, “ I say, “I was at your concert last night.” I tell him and he smiles.

“Ah, yes!” he says with a laugh, “I really tore the roof off of that place didn't I?” he chuckles with a wink. I furrow my brows and look down. Did he really just say that?

“Is that really appropriate?” I hear a gruff voice ask and I look up. Cayden is there, with his hands on the backs of our chairs looming over us. I smile when I see him. Prestigo scoffs and turns away to look at his nails, which were a vivid pink. I notice Cayden's grip tighten and he starts to grow red. “You know, you're sitting in my friend's seat.” Cayden grunts, drawing his face close to Prestigo's.

Prestigo smacks his lips and turns to glare at Cayden. “Well, I think your friend rather enjoys my company.” he answers with a smirk.

Cayden turns to me, “Jason, this true?” he asks and I jolt my eyes between the two of them. I'm quite as I bite my lip, I still couldn't believe what I had just heard him say.

I hear Prestigo growl and rocket upwards, “Fine. There's billions of little whores like you that would kill for my company.” he snaps cooly as he turns to walk away.

Cayden grabs him, “Hey!” he shouts loudly and a good portion of the room grows quiet. I gulp as I watch Cayden's chest rise and fall as he takes deep breaths. He looks around and licks his lips before leaning close to Prestigo. “I hear you call a member of my crew “whore” again, or say anything insensitive about last nights attack and you're going to be dealing with me personally.” Cayden seethes through clenched teeth.

Prestigo tugs his arm free and snickers before taking one last glance at me and walking off. I guess that's the end of that obsession.

I grin as Cayden plops himself down next to me. “You don't mind me taking your seat do you?” he asks and I shake my head.

“No,” I say with a laugh, “but Maffan may be coming back soon.” I say as I turn to search for him.

“He can go sit with Jecks and Ossapa.” He ways with a grin. “I wanna sit with you.” he says and I feel myself redden yet again.

I swallow. “I guess he really is a dick after all.” I say as I start to finger a fork.

Cayden huffs, “Well at least you know for sure.” he says as he starts to pour a glass of champagne. “Fucking prick.” he grunts before handing me the glass.

I grin as I reach for it, “Thank you.” I say before taking a sip. He pours himself a glass of water, and I don't notice myself stare intently at his lips as he brings the glass to it.

I snap forward when I hear a voice ask me, “How's the champagne, Hawk?” and I turn to see Stone's scruffy face next to me. I was sandwiched between two furry stud-animals.

“Uh, its great!” I answer and he reaches his own glass to clink with mine. I swallow again as I watch his lips this time as he drinks.

I hear Cayden clear his throat and he sets down his glass. “Damn I'm hungry. Food better be out soon.” he says as he throws his arm over the chair-back and starts to look around.

“Yeah, tell me about it.” I say with a smile.

A few minutes later, like an answered prayer to the gods, the platters of food were brought out on each side of the room and set on the buffet tables. Fozz shot up and rushed over, Kitch following close and I laughed. Cayden shook his head. “As hungry as I am, I think I'll wait 'till after the rush.” he says.

I turn to him, “Definitely.” I say as I lean back in my chair.


It was probably the best meal I had ever had in my entire life. Every meat, fruit, vegetable and cheese in Arum must have been set out, even guappos! Of course I had one along with some cheese after eating some fish, pork and greens.

Cayden had some beef loins with a mountain of greens and mushrooms. He had a guappo fruit too.

After we finished eating, it was speech time. I was excited when Chairman Mertoff took the podium next to the orchestra. I had never seen him in person before and he was really inspiring. And quite sexy too.

He went on for a while, and spoke of last nights tragedy and thanked us all for being there. He told us his people were doing everything they could to find any information regarding Tempest's whereabouts, and that security around the city would be tripled.

After him, Prestigo took to the mic and gave his sincerest apologies to those affected at his concert last night, I rolled my eyes. He also said he was making a ten million credit donation to the restoration of Lurian Stadium, which I had to applaud.

Finally, it was Cayden's turn to speak. I grew nervous as his name was called when the chairman introduced him, and he rose to make his was to the podium. All of Firmus, and the rest of The Federation probably would be watching him on a holo somewhere.

“Thank you, Chairman.” Cayden started as the room grew quiet. “I don't really have a lot to say, so I'll make it quick.” he began. “It's been almost six years since my crew and I completed our mission and apprehended Valak Oman and his officers, and effectively put a stop to Tempest and it's attacks. Or so we thought.” he says as he shuffles.

“But I'm here to tell you, that my mission... my crew's mission is far from over. What happened at Lurian stadium last night is a tragedy and an atrocity. And I can assure you that it won't go unpunished.” he said as applause broke.

“Hundreds of years ago this planet was changed forever, when the forces of nature tried to drown it. Arum has had enough storms, it doesn't need a tempest whirling through destroying it.” he says before standing a bit taller, “That is why I, and, guys, could you stand up?” he calls, referring to us. The rest of the crew jolts up immediately before I follow. I swallow as we stand facing Cayden and the eyes of the room all turn to look at us. “That is why myself and my crew are taking off first thing in the morning to find these terrorists. Even if we have to search beneath every rock, in every tree or even at the bottom of the ocean. We will find those responsible, and we will put a stop to them. Thank you.” he says before nodding and exiting from the podium rather briskly. Myself and the rest of the table burst into applause, as does the rest of the room as Cayden marches back to us. He keeps his head to the ground as he weaves his way through and the chairman takes the podium one last time.

“Thank you, Cayden. I know we all believe in you.” he says with a few claps. “Now, we are accepting donations to aid in the clean-up and restoration of Lurian Stadium, as well as the relief on victims and those affected.” Mertoff said before holo's flashed before us all, causing me to jump a little. “Your support is greatly appreciated. Thank you and enjoy the rest of your evening.” He said with a slight bow and leaving the podium.

Already people were pulling out their cards and swiping them through the holos to access their accounts. I really didn't know what to do, I didn't even have an account. Cayden had pulled his out and was tapping away at digits, all the crew was. I looked down and bit my lip.

“Well if it isn't Jason Hawk.” I hear a raspy voice utter behind me. I recognized the smell right away. Mervish. What the fuck was he doing here?

I slowly turned to face him and was hit with his stench. “Mervish,” I groan with a wrinkled nose. “Still haven't bathed yet, huh?” I told him as my leg began to bob. I really wasn't happy to see him.

He scoffs and adjusts the collar of his brightly coloured ensemble. “I see you have found a new residence aboard the great Hurricane.” He grunts, “How is that exactly? Has he hired you as the nightly entertainment for he and his crew?” he snickers and I roll my eyes. Second time some asshole has called me a whore tonight and it was getting old.

I turned to Cayden, who unfortunately was chatting to his right with a man I recognized as the minister from Torfas. I really wish he had heard that, I'd have loved to see him go after Mervish like he did Prestigo. I sighed, “What are you even doing here, Mervish?” I ask him with frustration in my voice.

He laughs, “I told you I had powerful friends, Jason.” he says a he drawing closer. Resting his gross little hand on the back of my chair and drumming his fingers. Gods he smells bad.

Right as Mervish opened his mouth to speak, Stone whirled around to face us, “What is that fuckin' smell?” he cried loudly as he gave Mervish a dirty glare. I couldn't help but grin.

Uric laughed across the table, “That's funny coming from you, Stone,” he said before taking a sip of champagne. Cayden had noticed Stone's cries too and was facing Mervish.

“Who's this, Jason?” he whispered into my ear. I gulped again.

“Uh,” I stammer, “He's um, my landlord... Former landlord I mean.” I admit as I focus my eyes on my glass.

“Really...” Cayden mutters as he leans back.

“Yes,” Mervish chimes as he lifts his arm to shake with Cayden. By this point I was holding my breath. “Amesius Mervish, my friend,” he says with a disgusting smile as I notice a slight grimace in Cayden's face. I grin as he tentatively returns the gesture.

“Cayden Tirrg,” he mutters before pulling his hand away and glancing at his palm.

“Yes, of course! An honour to meet you my dear.” he says through a creepy smile. “Jason here is, or was I should say one of my most troublesome but also most gratifying tenants.” He hisses as he glances from me to Cayden. I cringe when I feel his slimy hand grip my shoulder. There was no reason for him to be touching me. And I really didn't want him sharing the stuff I did with him in front of Cayden.

I shot upwards and pushed him away, “Don't fucking touch me!” I cry, making the rest of the table stop their conversations to look at me. I started to redden as I huffed and slowly slinked back into my seat to look at the little remnants of food on my plate, leg bouncing.

Cayden sat silently and looked from me to Mervish. He cleared his throat, “Well... Amesius was it? Perhaps you should return to your seat.” he says with a stern look.

Mervish seems a bit taken back, and he growls as he looks at me, and quickly turns away, making his long flowing trail whirl around.

I didn't say anything to Cayden when he turned to me. The fact that Mervish was that physically close to me, or even TOUCHED me in public was probably the most embarrassing thing that had ever happened to me. “I take it you don't like your landlord?” Cayden comments with a chuckle.

I turn to him with a look that reads, “You think?” and he grins.

“Does he... always smell like that?” He asks as he picks up a napkin and wipes his hands with it.

I laugh, “Yep. I don't think he's ever taken a shower before in his life.” I tell him before taking a sip of the delicious champagne.

Cayden chuckles, “You think with clothes like those, he'd be on top of that.” He shakes his head.

I couldn't agree more And as happy as I was that Mervish was gone, I couldn't help but think of who his “powerful friends” were. I turned in my seat to see if could spot where he was sitting, hoping that it would reveal who they were. I couldn't find him. I turned back to Cayden, who was smiling at me. “You know, that's the second time you've saved me tonight.” I laugh.

His smile widens and I see his teeth. Which I've noticed is rare for him to do. Of course they are perfect, I wish he showed them more. “So you're saying then, that you owe me three life-savings?” he chuckles. I laugh but don't say anything. A moment later I feel Cayden's extremely warm and large hand grip my shoulder. I smiled, HE could grab my shoulder anytime. “Well I don't know about you but I'm damn-near sick of this place.” he says while looking around. He turns to the table, “Whaddya say boys? Shall we call it a night?”


We were back at the Hurricane in about twenty minutes, and I was really thankful for it. Though the meal was amazing, the rest of the night had been stressful and by now I just wanted to sleep. I hugged the covers of my bed close and closed my eyes. There was a ship-wide alarm set to go off at 08:00 for take-off and I knew I'd need every second of sleep I could get to wake up for it. Though I'm not really sure if I'll even be able to do anything to assist. I have no idea what it takes to get this thing off the ground. It could be as simple as pressing a button.

Kitch was in his bed too. I could hear him drumming his chest. I wish he'd stop but I didn't want to say anything. He did however, when he yells across at me, “Hey, why was Torbul raping you with his eyes all night?”

I let out a sound that sounds like a scoff mixed with a laugh. Kitch seemed to always know exactly what I didn't want to talk about. “I dunno, because he's weird?” I reply, trying to bury my face deeper into my pillow.

I hear Kitch shuffle around, “I remember when he would look at me like that.” he says. I turn over to see him propped up by his elbows in the dim blue lights cast by the gadgets on his shelves. I try to think of a response but he beats me to it. “He sure moved fast with you though! I was here about a week before he gave me a visit!” Kitch says with a laugh.

I swallowed and stayed silent. Did I really want to talk about this stuff with Kitch? I tried to figure out an answer. I actually did. I haven't had a someone to talk about this stuff with since Chek. “He told me Cayden told him to stay away.” I tell him.

“What?” Kitch squeaks as he raises himself up even more. “Why'd he say that?”

I chewed at my cheek. I had no idea, but he was really concerned with how I was after my accident at Lurian, maybe that's why. “I don't know,” I say with a breath.

Kitch is quiet for a minute. “So what did he do?” he asks me and I snicker.

“You tell me first and maybe I'll tell you!” I throw back at him and he laughs.

“Well,” he began, “I was in the engine room fixing some shit and he kinda snuck up behind me.” Sounds familiar. “Then he just kinda shoved his dick in my mouth!” he laughs and I hear him crash back into his pillow. “Damn it was hot,” he mutters and I see him rub at himself and I snicker.

“Basically the same with me except I had just gotten 'outta the shower and it was my ass he shoved himself in.” I tell him and he laughs. “He's kinda... rough though huh?” I say as I think back to it.

“I know wasn't it great?” He sighs and I chuckle.

“Does he... visit often?” I ask with some anxiety. I can't lie, I did enjoy what went on in the bathroom earlier, but I was in no rush for a repeat anytime soon.

“Nope. That was the first and last time I ever milked that dick.” he says and I swear he sounds annoyed. I cant help but grin. “Stone though,” he begins. “Damn you're in for a real good time with him!” he cries with a laugh.

Ah, Stone. I thought back to when I first met him. It was like meeting sex on legs. Half of me wanted him to fuck me right there in front of Cayden and Kitch in the bridge. “Why? Does he show up unannounced and shove his dick in your mouth too?” I hope so.

Kitch snickers, “No, but if he ever runs into you and you're alone, you might as well drop your pants and get on your knees because he'll seduce you faster than a panther chasing it's next meal!” I started to rub at myself a little while imagining Stone naked. “I used to fuck him all the time. Still do on occasion. But hey, if you ever got an itch, just go see Stone. He says no about as often as we do!” He finishes before bursting into laughter.

I grinned. I found myself excited as I thought about what Kitch had said. It didn't seem like casual sex between the crew was a problem for them and the thought made me so hot. “What about Maffan and Uric?” I asked.

“Man I wish!” he says with a whine, “Well actually, Machotta and I fucked once when he got really, really drunk. He was so upset in the morning though. He apologized to me for days.” he said before yawning. “Don't know why though, it was awesome! I've never been kissed so much before. I wish Fozz fucked the way he did sometimes.” Kitch tells me as I too yawn. “Never had the chance with Uric , but damn I want to! But I don't think he likes me that much,” he says quietly.

“What? Why?” I ask. It was hard for me to believe Uric not liking anybody. He seemed so sweet.

“I dunno,” Kitch said and I could hear him shrug in the sheets, “He just... seems to ignore me and doesn't really say much to me.” he says with another yawn.

I yawned as well and laid quiet. Then I thought about Tai and how I'll start training with him soon, and I think that's all I want to do with him. Don't get me wrong, he's incredibly sexy. He just made me feel uneasy. Still, I had to ask. “And what about Tai?”

Kitch snickered, “All I can say is don't piss him off. We were in Ordash a while ago and I accidentally knocked over this little statue at a temple and it broke. He got so pissed at me, he dragged me out of it into the bushes and shit and fucked me senseless. I don't think my ass fully recovered!” He laughs. I swallow. I'll have to watch what I say or do around him I guess.

Even though Torbul said that Cayden never fools around with his crew, I still had the huge urge to ask. It was killing me. “Um... and Cayden?” I peep.

“What, Tirrg?!” Kitch cries with a laugh, “Hell no! I don't even know if the man knows how to fuck. He's never even brought anybody to his cabin for the night either.” Kitch says and I let out a breath. I was kind of relieved at his words, but I was also kind of disappointed. I mean I understood that he probably didn't want to create awkwardness and whatever amongst his crew, but fuck, who doesn't want to ride someone sitting in the captain's chair?

I let out a yawn and turned over to face the wall, deciding that me and Kitch should probably get some sleep. “Well I-” I began, only to be cut off by a loud snore, courtesy of Kitch. Of course he snores. Oh well, I've slept beside guys who's snores could break glass. I smile and dig myself into my pillow. Filled with excitement from what Kitch told me, and because we were taking off for Muspar in the morning. I could hardly wait.

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