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Chapter 6. The Bridge: Cayen III

This is kinda short, so I'm posting 7 right after! I'm sorry for everything seeming a bit slow, it will quicken up very shortly!

The Bridge: Cayden III

The bridge was quiet as I leaned back into my captain's chair and swivelled to overlook the bridge. Stone was finally up and getting to work on repairing one of the terminals that had been acting up. I was glad he was here, I needed to talk to him about Jason.

After he packed his tools he approached me in my chair with an arrogant swagger that I was more than used to. “Terminal's all good now Cap'n Tirrg” he said with a smirk, as he always did when he referred to me by my title.

“That's great, Stone” I begin, “Listen, there's something I need to talk to you about,” I say as I take from my chair to throw an arm around Stone's shoulder. “It's about our new crew member, Jason.”

His eyes light up, “Oh yeah, Jecks was tellin' me about this kid. Sounds like a cute little piece!” Stone says with a snicker.

I shake my head and put some pressure of his shoulder. “Look,” I say as I move to make eye contact with the big idiot. “I'm telling you what I told the others, and that's to lay-off the kid for a while. He just went through some real shit and he doesn't need to be scarred even more by one of you big meatheads.” I tell him with a sternness.

He laughs, “And what's that supposed to mean?” he asks folding him arms.

I fold mine, “You know what it means,” I say unblinking as we stare at each other for a moment. “Stone I... “ I sigh. “Look, I just know how you are and don't get me wrong I don't have a problem with it, I never have. Just, please. I'm asking you as a friend.” I plead with him.

He looks at me and pauses while he chews his cheek, “You don't need to worry about me.” he answers with a smile before moving to pass me.

I smile back, “Thank you, Ryk” I tell him as I turn to watch him go.

That's when I find myself surprised but also relieved as I watch both Kitch and Jason enter the bridge. Both laughing and seeming to be getting along quite well. Good. The last thing I need is even more of Kitch's attitude.

“Am I hearing the sounds of a new-formed friendship?” I call over to the pair as they walk over to me, I glance at Stone who I can see eyeing Jason like it's no tomorrow. I roll my eyes as I move to meet them.

Kitch gives me a face and turns to Stone and pats him on the shoulder, “Hey buddy where were you last night? Don't tell me, I already know!” he snickers before motioning to Jason, “Have you met our newest sailor? Hawk here's my super cool new roommate, and WE just got back from Python!” Kitch blurts enthusiastically while he throws an arm around Jason and shakes him. It doesn't surprise me that Kitch dragged him to a strip joint. The kid's mind seems to only focus on two things; dick and food. Its a good thing he knows as much about engines as he does sucking cock.

“No I... I haven't” Stone murmurs cooly as I watch him throw his bedroom eyes over at Jason, who's face starts to redden, and why wouldn't it? Stone was practically a kid like Jason's walking wet dream. “I used to work at Python, once upon a time. Before I met this old goon” he says with a nod in my direction, “Ryk Reeves, but everyone here calls me Stone,” he says before reaching out his hand, “pleased to meet you.”

“Jason Hawk.” the teen says in a raspy tone as he reaches to shake with Stone, who doesn't blink or lose eye contact with him for long drawn out moment before I forcefully clear my throat.

Jason snaps his head to me immediately while I catch Stone smirk while still eyeing the kid before turning to me, “Well I'll be off,” he says with raised eyebrows, “See you around, Hawk” he says with a nod as he turns towards the exit.

I let out a huff as I turn to the two boys in front of me, “I take it the trip was successful?” I ask with a grin that masks my growing annoyance with Kitch. The idea that Jason was exposed to such a sexual environment so soon after his incident last night worried me. Then again, the Hurricane was also a pretty sexual environment, amongst the crew. Which is why I told them all to keep their hands to themselves.

“Oh yeah, VERY” Kitch replies as he starts unrolling what appears to be poster, “Look at this pice of man-candy Jason had in his room! Now it's goin' in ours!” Kitch says with a wide smile.

I look over to Jason who's started to redden and I laugh. The poster is of Prestigo, the joke of a singer that everyone seems to like now a days. “Well I'm... glad you two found something in common,” I say with a chuckle.

Kitch turns to Jason, “I'm gonna go put this up, you want me to take your bag too?” he asks with a friendly expression.

Jason grins, “Sure!” he replies as he hands it over, “Thanks!” He says as Kitch runs off through the sliding doors.

I look at Jason, who's hair has returned to its former glory and smile. As annoyed as I was with Kitch, I was proud he was getting along with Jason so well. “Well you two really hit it off.” I say as I fold my arms and move backwards to lean against a rail.

He looks at me still grinning, “Yeah I guess we did. It seems we uh...” he paused and let out a laugh, “have a lot in common.”

“Not too much I hope” I tease. “His attitude can be a real pain to deal with sometimes” I tell him with a smile to which he chuckles.

“Yeah I can see how that would happen. Don't worry about me though” Jason says before his eyes wander to my bandage. “How's the arm?” He asks as he moves closer to lean on the rail beside me.

I glance down at the bandage and shrug “To be honest I actually forgot I was even clipped,” I say with a smirk. “Guess I'm used to it.” I tell him as I look forward.

He pauses for a moment, “That's... good I guess.” he says as he fidgets with one of his stockings.

I laugh before turning to look him over. I've gotta admit he's a pretty good looking kid. Maybe a little scrawny but we'll fix that in no time.

“So uh... I talked to Ossapa. He says he'd be able to teach you some hand-to-hand if you were willing to train with him.” I tell Jason and I literally see his ears perk up.

He turns to me, “Really? That would be awesome!” Jason beams as he turns to look down again, when I notice the start of a dark splotch poking out of the sleeve on his arm.

“What's this?” I say concerned as I reach over and start to pull down the sleeve, revealing a whole bunch of deep blue, purple and yellowed bruises over his bicep. He immediately pulls away with a wince as he grabs his arm to try and conceal it.

“Gah! It's nothing, don't worry!” he lies to me as he turns away, but I gently pull him back to face me before I pull off my glove and place my palm over the hand protecting his arm.

“Jason, just let me see it. Please” I say as I look into his wide and slightly frightened green eyes.

He bites his lip before tentatively removing his hand and I quiver as I once more continue pulling down the sleeve before pulling the large glove from Jason's hand. His arm is almost all bruises and I feel my temperature start to rise.

“Did one of those Tempest bastards do this to you?” I sneer with a growl as I gently place my hand over Jason's arm.

I see he makes a fist as he looks down again, but he doesn't say anything.

I breath deeply as I unawarely start to trace circles over his arm with my thumb. He seems to notice however, when he turns sharply to look at my hand, yet he doesn't wince, nor does he pull away.

When I notice though, I gently pull back and push myself forward. “I'm calling Uric to check that out,” I tell him as I make my way over to the nearest holo terminal. Jason doesn't say anything while I push in some commands to connect me with the ship's doctor. “Uric? I need you to come to the bridge, Jason's got some major bruising on his arm and I'd like you to make sure he's ok.” I say to the terminal.

“Right away, sir.” Uric's voice replies.

“Thank you.” I say as I deactivate the terminal and turn back to Jason, who's still looking down holding his glove and sleeve.

He doesn't say anything as I move to return leaning next to him until finally after a few moments he utters, “Two.”

I turn to him, “Two?” I ask.

“Two Tempest bastards did this to me” he says before looking up at me.

I don't say anything as I start to imagine just what went on with Jason at the concert last night, but I shook my head of those thoughts as I hear the door to the bridge slide open, in walking Uric with kit in hand.

“Hello again Jason, Tirrg” he says as he nods to each of us.

I notice Jason seem to perk up as he greets him back.

“Oh wow,” Uric says as he glances over Jason, “what happened here?” he asksJason as he moved to gently hold his arm.

I got up, “Don't ask him how it happened, just tell us if there's anything we should be worrying about.” I say in slight agitation as I fold my arms over and watch as Uric inspects Jason's arm.

Jason winces as Uric starts to massage the bruising, feeling for anything out of the ordinary. “Nope” he says as he pats Jason's knee, which had started to bounce. “Nothing's damaged and there are no lumps” he decrees as he turns to Jason, “You can keep the arm” he jokes as he takes to his feet. “Now is there anything else?” he asks.

I raise my eyebrows and look at Jason. “Jason?”

He looks at me and then to Uric until returning his gaze to the floor with a shake of his head. “No” he utters quietly before looking back up at Uric, “Thank you.” he says with a smile and starts to put his glove and sleeve back on.

“That's what I'm here for!” Uric says with a grin before turning away, he come's up to me and leans into my ear, “Did you talk to uh-” he starts, but I cut him off as I know exactly who he's referring to.

“Yes I did” I say, “Stone's been well informed.”

Uric nods and turns to continue on his way, back to his lab no doubt.

I move back to stand in front of Jason as he finishes redressing his arm. “You know,” I begin with a pause, “If you ever need to talk about things, you can come to me. My cabin door's always open.” I say with a smile. “Well, actually its not but if you knock I'm sure I'll let you in!” I tease with a chuckle.

Jason laughs before smiling brightly at me. “Thanks... Captain.” he says as he lifts himself to sit on the rail and swing his legs back and forth. “So uh... When do we leave Firmus?” he asks.

I turn to go over and inspect the terminal Stone repaired, “Tomorrow,” I call as I activate it. “We're heading to Muspar first. I know somebody there who may be able to point us in the right direction.” I tell him as I type some commands. Everything seems to be working so I turn back to Jason. “Ever been?” I ask.

Jason shakes his head. “Nope,” he replies, “but I hear its pretty awesome.” he says with a smirk.

I grin, “Yep it is. But it's also pretty dangerous if you aren't careful.” I tell him. “Machotta's from there too. I expect we'd be paying his family a visit as well.

Jason looks up “I knew he was from Muspar!” he says with a grin.

I moved closer to him “Do you have a guess for where I'm from?” I ask with a grin.

He cocks his head and raises your eyebrow. “I know who you are remember? You're like a celebrity, born and raised in Firmus,” he says cheerfully “But if I didn't know any better and you had the accent, I'd say you were from Topezka.”

I smile widely, “As a matter of fact that's where my mother was from there,” I say as I once again lean on the rail next to him. “You're good at this”

“Thanks,” he says as he looks forward, “I have a thing for people I guess,” he tells me and I can't help but chuckle. He swings his legs back and forth some more as we sit in silence.

“Jason, If uh, any of the other guys give you a hard time just let me know and I'll talk to them, ok?” I tell Jason as my thoughts drift to Stone again.

He looks at me confused, “What do you mean?”

I let out a nervous laugh, “Well uh... you know how the new guy gets treated sometimes,” I tell him as my thoughts drift back to Kitch when he first joined the crew.

Jason nods and hops from the rail. “Alright,” he says before facing me, “will do, Captain!” he says with a grin before turning to walk away.

I call after him before he leaves “Oh, and a shuttle is coming to pick us all up for the party at 19:00, better be ready.” I say with a tease.

“I won't!” he smiles before turning away and exiting the bridge, and I can't help but grin as I watch that cute little ass scamper off.

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