Arum, a world with many stories. A world reshaped by decade-long torrential storms, creating new life in areas with none, and submerging lands with much. The people had to move inland, as their coastal cities were swallowed by the waves. Differences had to be put aside in order to ensure their survival, and traditions and customs of old were tossed aside. However, just as humans thrive, they also whither, and this new sense of togetherness did not come without quarrel. Throughout the storms, many lives were lost, both to the forces of nature and to the hands of men. Thirty-one years after the storms, The Federation was created on the island city of Firmus, and consisted of seven colonies. Firmus, Mordas, Yauve, Aeora, Cinestri, Topezka, and Torfus were seven of the many island nations that had began as refuges during the storms, and flourished as cities after their passing. Later, the colonies of Gleize, Muspar, Kahr, Ordash and Varahvi would also join.

Two hundred sixty-seven years after the rain, thunder and lightning, Arum faced a new kind of storm. A terrorist organization by the name of “Tempest” came seemingly out of nowhere, producing nothing but chaos for much of The Federation and many of the wealthier independent colonies. People were enslaved, killed and afraid. One year after the attacks began, a young man by the name of Cayden Tirrg made it his mission to stop the organization once and for all. It wasn't until two years later that he and his comrades prevailed and Tempest's general was captured. The leader of the organization was revealed to be Valak Oman, a very intelligent man that had been developing new technologies for the Federation for decades until his disappearance. Oman and his officers were later executed and Cayden Tirrg and his comrades were deemed heroes.

Now, almost six years later, the time is now 273 A.S. and for six years The Federation has had peace. In those years, Cayden Tirgg and his crew have sailed the skies on the airship “The Hurricane” assisting The Federation and many independent colonies where help is needed. But when an international idol plays a concert in The Federation capitol, Tempest reveals that it is far from gone. Causing Cayden to reprise his role as “hero” and set off with his crew, including it's newest member, Jason Hawk, to finish what he and the rest of Arum thought was long over.

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