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Chapter 5. Cabin-mates: Jason III

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 Cabin-mates: Jason III

I woke up early like I always do in new surroundings, when I realized I had stayed in the same position all night. I smirked. I was thankful that I was even able to sleep at all. Images of the night before kept playing in my head, keeping me up. A chill went down my spine as I thought back to the events leading to Cayden catching me and saving my life. I rubbed at my arm. It was still sore from all the abuse those two Tempest goons had given to it and I began to chew my lip.

It wasn't the sexual stuff between those guys that scared me to think about, it was the feeling of being helpless and thinking I was either going to die or be seriously hurt. I've never been in a situation like that before, where I wasn't able to get away or defend myself. I never want to feel that way again, and I know being on this ship will teach me to never have to.

On the stand next to my bottom-bunk sat my com-D, which read 08:52. Not exactly early for the working class I guess, but it might as well be dawn for me. I yawned as I pulled myself from my new bed and noticed that my roommate had never returned. I was kinda of relieved.

I tried to remember where Cayden said the bathroom was. “Down the hall to the right” I remembered as I exited the cabin. Brushing some sleep from my eye I made my way down the hall until I came to what I supposed would be the bathroom. I pressed the button for the door to swipe open and walked in. It was brightly lit and was not what I was expecting. It looked kinda like a public bathroom. A really nice public bathroom, with a long mirror and sinks on one side, and three stalls on the other. I shook my head as I remembered Cayden saying bath-ROOMS last night, plural. Then I remembered he also said showers.

My ears perked up as I heard the running water of a shower under the vent sounds. Unfortunately I was a curious person and so I had to see who was showering. Was it Cayden? I felt my dick grow a little at the thought of his hairy, muscular body all glistening and wet. Nervously I crept across the tiled floor to the end of the last stall, where I peered my head around. Behind the stalls was a tiled walkway to the showers. I know I shouldn't but I slowly pressed myself against the tile wall and slid across until I was just at the end. I could hear the shower water much clearer now, and whoever was showering was softly singing, and he seemed to have a pretty decent voice.

With a gulp, I turn my head slowly to look. My eyes widen. It's not Cayden, nor is it any of his crew members I met last night. It's a dark-haired, nicely muscled man with a perfect ass and sexy calves. I gulp again as I watch him lather his hair. The bulge between my legs grows even more and I know I should turn away, and to my dick's dismay, I do. I turn around and take a breath as I grin. I think I'm going to like living here.

I quietly move away, while I replay the shower guy's image in my head. That little scene will be held in a special part of my brain.

After finishing what I came here to do in the first place, I flushed the toilet and went to wash my hands. I looked myself over in the mirror. I was wearing the same clothes I wore to the Prestigo concert and my hair was all flat and messy. I smirked. I'll need to grab my product when I go back to get clothes. I ran my tongue along my teeth. Ugh, and a toothbrush.

That's when I heard the shower flow stop, my queue to get out of there unless I wanted to make a really awkward introduction. So I left the bathroom in search of something to eat.

I made my way through the Hurricane towards where I thought I remembered the kitchen was, when I passed another room where something through the cracks of the frosted glass caught my eye. I halted and looked through the glass wall and smiled. I recognized the room as a gym of sorts and in the centre of it all was Cayden Tirrg with his back to me, shirt off and doing pull-ups.

This was turning out to be a good morning. I stood and watched Cayden work as I admired his well muscled and slightly haired back. My head leaned against the glass as a stupid look grew on my face while I thought about what all teenaged guys think about. I was so lost in my dirty thoughts that I failed to notice Cayden stop doing his pull-ups, and wipe away his sweat with his discarded shirt before he turned to face the very sliver of clear glass I was ogling him through.

I snapped out of it and immediately blushed blood red when he waved at me. Embarrassed, I waved back as he grinned and motioned for me to come inside. I swallowed.

I was nervous again as I slid the door the the room across and stepped inside.

“Good morning Jason!” the captain greeted me enthusiastically.

I smiled though my blush and croaked, “Good morning.”

He laughed. “Sleep well?” he asked as he turned away to the water dispenser. He grabbed a cup and filled it before finally taking a drink.

“Uh, yeah. I did, thanks” I said while I watched him. I hope he doesn't think I have a staring problem, but if he does he'd be accurate.

“Are you hungry?” he asked as he turned to me, “I'm not but I could follow you to the kitchen and talk, I'm looking forward to getting to know you better.” He took another drink.

“Really?” I asked perplexed. That's got to be the first time anybody's ever said that to me without a sexual innuendo. He gave me a confused look. “Oh uh... yeah that would be great...” I muttered. I was actually quite starved.

He grinned and swiped the holo away and threw out his paper cup. “Great” he said as he marched past me while putting on his sweat-drenched top. I swallowed again and followed.

He lead me through the halls of the ship, and when we got to the kitchen we were the only ones there. The room itself was quite large, and the looked like it was made of wood, with a table in the centre surrounded by chairs, and a large corner-booth hugged and stretched along the glass wall which doubled as a window. Though the view from it was currently of the hangar, I bet it would be amazing to look out of in the sky. The kitchen also had every appliance imaginable at the front, and on the side of the room was a mini-bar with glasses and bottles of liquor stacked behind it. All in all it was quite impressive.

Cayden walked past me, “Anything and everything is free for you to use, unless someone else's name is on it.” he says with a grin.

I snicker, “Don't worry, I won't take your cupcakes,” I tease.

He laughs, “Better not!” he turns away to open the fridge, “I love my cup-cakes,” he says with a grunt as he pulls two apples from the bottom drawer and throws one to me.

I catch it, despite my surprise. “Thanks,” I tell him as he takes an enormous bite of his.

“Why don't you take a look inside? Probably lot's you'd like” he tells me as he motions to the open fridge. I look at him and smile as I move forward. When I finally look into the fridge my jaw drops. Not since I was a kid have I seen such a packed full vessel! Fruits, meats, cheeses, juice! It had it all! I looked at Cayden wide eyed and he chuckled. “Glad you like it. There's also lots more stuff in on the shelves, including plates, forks and all that. Help yourself,” the captain told me while he moved to sit at the booth, plopping his boots on the table after he sat down.

I turned to the fridge and grinned as I took Cayden's offer and gave it a quick raid, I set a bunch of fruit, some cheese and a carton of juice on the counter as I snatched a huge plate, more like a platter actually, and a glass and fork from the cabinets. I was going to enjoy this.

I grinned as I marched my way towards Cayden and sat myself on the window side of the booth. He snickered as I placed my plate down and I looked at him, “What?”

“No meat?” he joked before taking anther bite of his apple.

I smiled and looked down at my plate before sticking the fork into a nice plump slice of fruit. That's when I realized he wasn't eating anything. “Are you not gonna eat?” I asked.

He gave his head a slight shake, “Naw. Had a huge breakfast in the city.” he replied as he scratched his beard.

That's when I remembered, “Oh that's right! How was your meeting' with the Chairman?”

He sighed and shifted in his seat, “Not very productive actually. But I didn't expect it to be. Just seems like we'll be looking for Tempest without Federation aid for a while.” He takes another bite, “And we got ourselves a party to go to tonight.”

“A party?” my ears perk up. I'm a little confused but also quite intrigued.

He nods, “At the academy,” another bite, “A party in the guise of a relief fundraiser for the victims of what happened last night.” he grunts somewhat sourly.

I look down at my plate and I ate a bite of the delicious fruit. “I was supposed to go to the academy...” I mumble after I swallow.

Cayden takes a final bite of his apple and grows silent. I can feel him stare at me, not quite sure of what to say. He chucked his apple core to the garbage bin across the room and landed the shot perfectly. He turned back to me and rested his hand on my shoulder, “We're gonna get these guys.” he said softly with a slight squeeze.

I forced a smile, unsure of what to say as I immediately felt stupid for seeming so sulky and go back to my meal. Soon after I hear footsteps march into the kitchen, followed by Cayden saying, “Mornin' Machotta.”

I looked up from my plate and felt my stomach turn over while my face flushed. The naked dark haired guy with the perfect ass and calves from the bathroom earlier was now clothed and walking towards the captain and me.

“Morning, Tirrg,” he replied before turning to me, I had to look at my plate again. “And is this the new recruit Torbul told me about?”

I swallowed and looked up again and let out a nervous laugh, “Haha, yep that's me...” I said while I figured I should probably shake his hand. I shuffled from my seat to do it, but “Machotta” beat me to it.

“Maffan Machotta. Nice to meet you Jason.” he said with a warm smile. I grinned back as I took hold of his hand, ignoring the bone-crushing force Maffan used to grip it as I almost got lost in his wonderful dark green eyes, that his red shirt complemented so well. I sat back down while I wondered if this was an airship or a storage place for Arum's hottest underwear models.

“So I hear we've got ourselves an adventure ahead us!” Maffan called as he rummaged through the fridge.

“That we do.” Cayden replied as he turned his head to look out of the glass into the hangar.

“Did you talk to the Chairman?” Maffan asked.

Cayden scoffed, “Yep, and a lot of help he was! Which reminds me, he's hosting a party at the academy tonight and wants all of us there.”

Maffan chuckled, “Great.” he sighed sarcastically as he turned to lean against the counter while spooning some meal from a bowl to his beautiful lips.

Cayden didn't say anything, he just kept staring at the boring hangar until a new pair of footsteps came into the room.

“Hey Machotta you should have went out with us last night! It was a blast!” a cheerful and youthful voice chirped. I looked up and saw a younger looking, lean kid who was just a little more built than I was with a buzz cut walk across the room towards Maffan.

“Ah good, you're here!” I heard Cayden shout across the room. I turned to look at him, “Jason, this is Kitch. The one you'll be sharing your cabin with. Kitch, this is Jason.” He said as I grew anxious.

“You mean MY cabin,” he retorted.

“Watch it Ollins.” Cayden warned, giving him a glare.

He huffed and stomped his way over to me before holding out his hand across the table. “Kitch Ollins, nice to meet you...” he mumbled very mechanically.

I returned the gesture and shook his hand, “Jason Hawk.” I said quietly.

The room was silent for a moment or two, until Kitch broke it saying, “Ok well this is awkward, I'll just come back later then-” until Cayden spoke.

“Wait a minute, Ollins. I need you to take Jason to his old apartment to pick up some things, and hopefully while you're at it you two can get to know each other better. That is, if you can loose the attitude.” Cayden told him, arms folded.

Kitch made a slouch and turned away while rolling his eyes. “Fine, I'll be in OUR room. Come and get me when we're gonna go. C'yah Machotta.” Kitch grunted as he left.

Cayden turned to me, “Don't worry about him, I'm sure you two will hit it off. He's just the immature one of the bunch is all.”

I forced a smile, “I'm not worried, he seems alright.” I lied as I began to bounce my leg.

Cayden noticed this under the table and stood up, “Well, I'll leave you to finish up, take your time while your out and don't let Ollins boss you around too much” he finished with a wink. “Later, Machotta” he nodded to his friend as he marched out of the kitchen.

Maffan swallowed what was in his mouth and set the bowl in the sink to wash. “I take it you were at Lurian too last night?” he asks.

I nodded as I swallowed my last bit of fruit. “Yah,” I take a final sip of juice, “I was” I say, not really wishing to divulge any details.

“So does that mean...” he paused. My knee bobbed once more as I waited for him to continue. “You're a Prestigo fan?”

A slight grin grows on my face as I let loose a laugh, “Yeah, I am” I say as he smiles, “Are you?” I ask.

He laughs, “I was, I actually dated him once, but that about killed what interest I had in him” he tells me.

“Oh wow, really?” I ask and he nods. “Yeah, I've heard that he's kind of a dick...” I say as I stand with my dish and cup.

“Huuuge dick actually” Maffan says with a laugh as he takes my dirty plate and cup and starts to run the water over them in the sink.

“You don't need to-” I begin.

“Don't mention it” he says with a smile. “Anyways, I hope the concert was alright. The man may be a terrible person but he's a great performer” he says with a chuckle.

I laugh. “Yeah it was great until, you now, Tempest” I tell him as I look down. “Well, I should probably get to bonding with the roommate then,” I say and he laughs. “Nice to meet you, Maffan!” I smile before turning to leave.

“You too, Hawk. Have fun!” He calls to me as I exit the kitchen area, smiling as I replayed Maffan and his naked backside in the shower over again in my mind. Not only was he super hot but he's super nice too! If only the roommate was the same way.


When I found Kitch he was in our cabin, looking at a holo-pad and he shuffled as I walked in. I swallowed and made my way to sit on the bottom bunk across from him. “So uh... should we leave soon?” I ask, not sure really what to say.

He looks up from the holo and huffs trying to think of what to say. This is when I notice he has hazel eyes and a cute button-nose. He wasn't nearly as jacked as his comrades, but he still had a nice physique and could easily fit into their underwear model group. “Yeah, I guess” he finally says as he tosses the holo on his bed and throws himself off of it. He's wearing a tight sleeveless shit under a hooded vest with bright shorts and clunky shoes. “Come on” he grunts at me before turning to leave the room.

I quickly stand to follow, making sure I grab my com-D and pouch before I leave.

He leads me to what looks like the cargo bay, where I can see two speeders, one yellow and the other silver parked near what was probably the cargo bay entrance. What I think looks like a bench-press machine is in the corner of the room. Kitch marches toward to the silver speeder before he hops in and powers it up using a code.

He notice's me watching him, “What? You wanted to take the girly-ass yellow one? Hell no, that's for Tirrg” he calls to me as he straps himself in. I chuckle and move closer to join him in the passenger side before we take off.


The flight over to my building was quiet. Neither of us really knew what to say to the other but Kitch still insisted on coming with me into my place. When we stepped inside I half expected Kitch to start laughing and comment on what a piece of junk the place was, yet I was relieved when he didn't.

“I'll be quick” I tell him as I head to the closet and pull out a bag, which I start throwing my clothes into as Kitch moves behind me.

“This is...” he starts and I huff, “awesome!”

I turn to face him, “Uh... are you joking?” I ask in disbelief.

His eyes are wide as he skips over the the kitchen. “No it is! Why would you wanna leave? Its got everything you could ever want!” he tells me as he opens my fridge, “Except food” he says with a laugh

I look back at the closet “I suppose it has all the essentials-” I begin until I hear Kitch squeal.

“Man we are so taking this back to our room!” I hear him say as I look over at him. He's started unpinning my Prestigo poster from the wall before he rolls it up.

I grin, “You like Prestigo too?” I ask.

He beams, “Are you kidding? He's fucking hot as hell!” he cries in excitement as he searches for something to tie around the poster. “Music's ok too.”

I set the bag down and hop over to the kitchen area where I grab a small band from a drawer, “Here” I say as I hand it to him and he excitedly wraps it around the poster. “And yeah, he's crazy hot” I say as I pick up the bag and move to the bathroom to grab some toiletries, and to also quickly do my hair, as this lack of styling was making my eye twitch to look at.

Kitch sits on the edge of my bed. “You were at the concert last night weren't you? That's how Tirrg met you isn't it?” he asks me as I throw my jars of hair product into the pouch and turn to him.

“Yeah it is” I say as I zip up the bag and throw its strap around my shoulder.

“Oh man, was it awesome?” he asks with excitement.

I grin, “Of course it was! It was amazing!” I pause, “Until...”

“Oh yeah, those fucking bastards” Kitch says as he rolls the poster around in his palms. “So uh... how did you meet the Captain?” he asks. I look down and let out a nervous chuckle, unsure of what to say when Kitch blurts out, “Oh my gods, did you fuck him?!”

I look up at him with a face as I start to redden. “What? No!” I shout back at him as I turn around, “Now, come on. Let's get out of here” I say as I march towards the door in embarrassment.

“He did fuck you, didn't he?” Kitch cries as he scampers up to me.

I turn to him, “No, he didn't!” I say with a stern look. Kitch looks at me unconvinced, “He saved me” I say as I turn away.

“Oh...” I hear Kitch say taken back. “Uh... I'm sorry then. Didn't mean to imply anything” he says as I press the button on the door to open it.

“It's alright” I tell him as we step outside and turn to leave before I halt.

“What's wrong?” Kitch asks as he notices me staring ahead with a sour expression on my face.

Down the hall and walking towards us is none other than the fabulous skeez-ball Mervish. I huff as he waddles closer. I walk towards him, “You know I paid you already, for this month and next and I'm not even going to be living here any more!” I call to him as he approaches.

He eyes Kitch from head to toe before he looks at me. “You may have paid early for next month, but you paid extremely late for this month, on top of which you still have five months worth of rent which you owe, AND you now inform me that you are moving out. Meaning I will have to find a new tenant.” he tells me through snorts.

I cross my arms, “Yeah, so?” I snap.

He inched closer and I can smell his pungent odour, “Lets go inside,” he whispers to me before looking at Kitch. “And bring your friend.”

I roll my eyes and reach into my pouch for the access card to the room. I grab it and flick it at his face, “C'mon Kitch, we're outta here,” I say as I grab Kitch by the wrist and lead him down the hallway to the elevator.

“You know I have very powerful friends, Jason!” I hear Mervish call after me and I roll my eyes. “You'll be sorry!” he yells.

I turn around as the elevator door slide open, “Take a damn shower you piece of shit!” I scream at him and I hear Kitch erupt with laughter. I turn away and we step into the elevator before descending.

“Man, who was that old guy?” Kitch says with a laugh.

“My landlord” I turn to him, “Ex-landlord. He owns this building” I say as I turn to look out the glass of the descending elevator one last time before I leave this place, hopefully for good.

“Did you really skip out on 5 payments?” he asks me in bewilderment.

A grin grows to my face as the elevator reaches the ground level. “Yeah” I begin as we exit the elevator and a couple of guys pass us, “But I made up for it” I say.

“And how's that?” Kitch asks and I give him a devilish grin. “No way! What? Ew! That dirty fuck?” he cries at me as he starts to laugh.

I begin to laugh too. “Hey I had no other choice! I don't exactly have buckets of credits and a guy's gotta have his hair product!” I say as I run a hand through my hair.

He chuckles as he shakes his head. “Yeah right! I bet you just love smelly old man dick!” he teases before wrapping an arm around my shoulder. “And not gonna lie, I would have probably done the same” he says with a smile. Maybe living with him won't be so bad after all.

I grin as we make our way to our speeder parked on the shiny street before we both get in. “Anywhere else you need to go, Hawk?” Kitch asks as he powers it up and throws the rolled up poster in the back before he grabs my bag from my hands and tosses it there as well.

I shake my head, “Nope, I'm good”.

“Did Tirrg give us a time we need to be back by?” he asks.

“Nope, he said take as long as you want. But we should-”

“Excellent. I know just what we can do” Kitch says with a smirk as the speeder lifts off.


Kitch grounds the speeder in an area of the city I know far too well. I grew anxious yet excited as we both hopped out and stood in front of one of my most frequented venues. It was a large building, with a bright pink holographic display which had the dancing silhouettes of jacked men and “Club Python” flashing across it. Even in the morning the thumping bass could be heard outside.

I turned to Kitch, “Um, it's not even lunch time yet” I tell him but he grabs my arm and pulls me along.

“C'mon! I haven't been in forever and the guys are so hot!” he squeals as we approach the security guard at the door.

“You boys have ID's?” The large man asks.

Kitch smirks as he pulls his out of his pocket, “That depends, are you one of the dancers?” he teases before handing the card over to the man, who grins and chuckles as he gestures for Kitch to go on in before handing back his card. I hand him mine and smile while he does the same for me.

I follow Kitch into the very familiar bar. The room is dark with a multi-level stage currently occupied by one dancer putting on a show for a small crowd of men surrounding him. “Hi Jason!” A voice from the bar calls over to me. I turn to see who it is and I wave back.

Kitch turns to me with a smirk, “You know him?” he asks and I nod.

As we make our way to the stage, I notice that the man dancing was none other than Kess. The man I had went home with not two nights prior. Immediately I remember that I stole a pretty hefty sum of credits from his wallet and I turned and grabbed Kitch, “Uh, we have to go” I say.

“What? No way, you see that guy he's fucking hot!” Kitch says as he pulls away and cheers as he moves towards the stage.

I take a breath and follow him, making sure to keep my head low until I hear, a voice call “Jason? That you?” I look up and sheepishly grin as I slink into the chair next to Kitch. Shit.

Kitch comes close, “Damn, are you a regular here or something?” he says and I blush.

Next thing I know Kess is making his way towards me, still dancing to the song wearing nothing but a bandana around his neck, leather boots and a tiny thong gripping his huge package. I blushed even further and stiffened in my seat as he began to grind his ass into my crotch. “You took something from me, baby” he says before turning around to straddle my hips. Kitch was hollering while clapping hysterically.

I blushed as he drew his face closer to mine, “Uh, yeah... about that, I-”

“Don't worry about it.” the sexy stripper man moaned as he ran his thumb across my nose. “I'm giving you an opportunity to give it all back,” he says as he rubs himself even harder into me. I gulp as I feel my dick begin to grow hard.

“Uh... well you see...” I begin, “I don't really have it any more... any of it” I admit with a croak.

I watch Kess cock an eyebrow “That so?” he says grinding himself even harder into me.

That's when Kitch chimed in while holding up a big shiny credit, “I bet I got what you want big guy!” he says before biting his bottom lip.

Kess chuckles and and brings himself so close to me I can feel his breath in my face, “You're lucky your friend's here to spot you.” he growls at me before he leaves my lap, leaving my heart beating very fast and my dick very erect. I shuffle in my seat to try and conceal it, but its hard to do that when you are basically wearing underwear.

Kess grabs Kitch by the collar and pulls him from his seat before he leads him towards the back. I watch as his face lights up and he looks back at me, grinning from ear to ear while sticking out his tongue and gesturing to Kess with his thumb. I smile back, relieved that Kess was at least out of my lap.

After the pair exit through the curtain, a new dancer takes the stage. Like Kess he's extremely built and not wearing much clothing. He's very tan and even though he's wearing a rancher's hat I can tell he's blond by his chest hair. Needless to say he's scorching hot in the tight pink jock that he's wearing.

As I always had a thing for the country theme, I leaned back into my chair and tried to get comfortable as I waited for my new friend and cabin-mate to finish his private dance.


Kess led Kitch to a small private room where he took his credits and set them on a ledge. “How old are you?” The older dancer asked as he forced Kitch to sit on the plush leather seat.

Kitch swallowed, looked wide eyed over the godly physique of the stripper. “Twenty” he uttered as the man straddled him and started to grind against his growing privates.

“You a friend of Jason's?” He asks while exposing his hairy underarms and flexing.

Kitch stutters, “Uh... ye-yeah!” as he resists the urge to let his hands roam Kess's body.

“Go head,” he says as he bounces his pecs, “touch me.”

Kitch gulps but he doesn't need to be told twice as his hands rocket forward to feel along Kess's hairy muscular chest.

“Why don't you rub lower” Kess whispers as he continue's to grind his hips into Kitch, who looks up at him before grinning and letting his hands wander down until they are just above his package. Kitch pauses until Kess provides some words of encouragement. “Go on” he tells him.

Kitch lets out a held breath as he cups Kess's huge bulge in his hand, while rubbing his side with the other. “You wanna see it?” The owner of the bulge asks as he lifts Kitch's chin while he stands. Kitch does nothing but nod like a mad man until Kess slowly pulls down the material of the thong, letting his thick and solid uncut meat flop forward, almost hitting Kitch in the face.

Kitch does nothing but stare at it while rubbing Kess's sides. “You can taste it if you want” Kess says as he pushes his hips forward until his foreskin is resting against Kitch's cheek.

Kitch wastes no time as he welcomes Kess into his mouth. He closes his eyes and chews at the man's foreskin as the juicy meat starts to grow harder. He opens his eyes and looks up at his stripper-fantasy-come-true who has a smile on his face. Kitch envelopes more of Kess into his mouth and hears a moan escape him. They both are rock hard by now and Kitch inches forward, not stopping until the man's trimmed pubes brush against his nose.

Kess bucks his hips as he holds Kitch's head in place for a while, relishing in the way his cock feels, sheathed inside the younger's throat. Soon, a gurgling sound is heard as Kess draws his penis from Kitch's mouth, a pool of bubbling saliva following before it splashes on the floor.

Kitch pants as he catches his breath and licks his lips before hurling himself at the drooling cock once more. Kess chuckles as he slowly begins to thrust. Once more Kitch sheaths him in his throat, as he licks at his balls while he's submerged.

“Woah, now that's talent!” Kess cries as he rubs his hand over Kitch's buzzed head. Kitch pulls off and lets out a pant before lapping up the man's rod from it's base to tip. He sucks hard at the head and feels a sense of satisfaction when Kess's legs wobble before he takes him in his throat once again.

The pair continue this way before some time before Kess raises Kitch by the chin to look up at him. “How bout I fuck that sweet face of yours, kid?” he asks as he rubs Kitch's head again.

Kitch does nothing but nod again as he opens his mouth wide and lets Kess enter him. He relaxes as he keeps his eyes locked on Kess's, and doesn't blink until he feels the man's balls at his chin, and his pubes at his nose. The man pulls out enough that the head is still in Kitch's mouth before he thrusts back in again. Slowly at first but his pace quickly escalates, with bubbles of spit mixed with precum coat Kess's thick meat with every thrust out of the wet walls of Kitch's throat.

Kess has started to grunt and moan and he clutches Kitch's ears as he continues fucking his face. His impending orgasm approaches as his moans become louder and more frequent. Kitch grows eager in anticipation until finally Kess lets out a loud growl and submerges himself deep within Kitch's throat. Kitch feels the stripper's swollen member pulsate as it deposits a heavy load of sperm into and down his throat, coating the walls of his stomach with the man's creamy batter.

Kess groans as he starts to perform short thrusts at Kitch's face, emptying his drooling cock as he slowly pulls from Kitch's throat and begins oozing cum over his tongue. Kitch wraps his lips tightly around the head and sucks hard as he milks the stripper of any remaining juices and swallows before letting out a refreshed sigh.

Kess's cock pops out of his mouth and he feels the man push him back into the plush of the leather and push up his shirt. “Suck on these” Kess commands as he replaces his cock with his fingers inside of Kitch's mouth as he pulls his shorts and boxers to his ankles. Kitch obliges and lets out a muffled moan as he feels Kess start to lap at his puckered hole.

Not only is the man a talented dancer, but he's also talented with his tongue, as he swirls it around Kitch's entrance and prods it inside of it, making sure to get him good and moist. Kess pulls his fingers from Kitch's mouth and reaches them down to massage at his hole.

Kitch lets out a moan as he feels a thick digit enter him and he shuts his eyes with a wide grin. Kess begins to finger him quickly and soon another finger is added to his tightness, followed by another and another. Kitch writhes in the seat as Kess drives his fingers inside of him, rubbing against his prostate with each thrust in. Kitch pants as he locks his hands behind his head and leans into them. He was close.

Kess reaches up with his other hand and soon Kitch is sucking on those fingers as well. Kess could tell he was close. Kitch sucked hard at his digits in his mouth while the ones in his rear rubbed against his g-spot with all their owner's might. A few more groans from Kitch and he fired his own orgasm across his bare chest. It landed in pools between his abs as Kess continued massaging his insides, making him cum hard, leaving the youth a panting mess.

Slowly, Kess pulled his fingers from his customer's tightness and lapped up the cum he had just sprayed with his fingers before bringing them to Kitch's mouth. The young and spent patron eagerly sucked himself off of the digits that had brought him to such a state, and after he leaned back into the leather to catch his breath.

The dancer took to his feet and pulled up his thong before tucking away his package and turning to grab the golden chips he had set aside. “Pleasure doing business with you, kid” Kess said as he flipped and caught a golden chip with the hand that was still drying from being in Kitch's mouth and hole.

Kitch looked at him with a stupid grin, “You too, my sexy stripper dude!” he said as he rubbed his chest.

Kess smirked, “Alright, now pull up your pants and get out of here,” he said with a grunt. Kitch smiled and quickly pulled his shorts up and fixed his shirt before moving to walk past him, when Kess stops him. “And hey,” he said as his rubbed Kitch on the head again, “you come back now.” to which the young Hurricane crew member smiled and went on his way.


The small circle of men clapped enthusiastically around the stage that the hot pink-undies-wearing-hunk had just danced his ass off on. I even cheered along with them as the guy put on quite the show. While the stripper left the stage I caught Kitch with a super wide grin on his face as he returned from behind the curtain.

“Have fun?” I asked with a smirk as he made his way to me, where he plopped into the comfy lounge chair and through his head back before letting out a sigh.

“Hell yes I did!” he beamed while he rolled his neck. “Man, I've never cum from being fingered before!” he said with a laugh.

I raised my eyebrows and let out a slight scoff, “Hah! Yeah he sure is good with his hands” I say while I recall my time with Kess two nights ago.

Kitch gives me a funny look, “Why do you say that?” he says looking up at me before his eyes widen, “Did you... did he?” and I stop him.

“Let's just get 'outta here” I say with a laugh as I turn on my heel and head for the exit. Kitch scampers behind me laughing as we leave and climb ourselves into our shiny silver speeder.

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