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Chapter 7. Trouble with Torbul: Jason IV

And 7, with accompanying illustration on the way :D

Trouble with Torbul: Jason IV

The door to the bridge hisses and clanks when it shuts behind me and I start to make my way back to mine and Kitch's cabin. I cant shake the grin from my face as I lightly hold my arm at the bicep, thinking back to Cayden's concern over it. Who knew Cayden Tirrg could be so gentle?

When I got to our cabin, Kitch was on his holo again swiping through photos. I smiled when I saw my Prestigo poster on the closet door across from me.

“Looks good don't it?” Kitch said as he set the holo-pad beside him and swung his legs over the bed.

I nod and move to mine where Kitch has put my bag. I plop down and unzip it while Kitch watches intently.

“Whatdya bring?” he asks as he kicks his legs back and forth.

“Just my clothes and hair shit,” I begin, “and a toothbrush of course,” I say as I'm reminded of the fact that I still haven't cleaned my mouth. Even when Kitch and I were in my apartment, I chose to do my hair instead.

“Ooh, lemme see the digs!” Kitch squeals while he leans over to snatch the bag from my hands. I smirk and lean back while locking my arms straight to lean as Kitch sifts. “Damn, this is nice!” he exclaims, holding up my black and yellow sleeveless-hoody, quite similar actually to the one he was already wearing. “Can I have it?” he says as he peaks from behind the hoodie and looks at me. I smirk and throw him a cocked eyebrow and he laughs. “Well I'm gonna borrow it sometime,” he says as he throws it at me before going back to dig through my things.

I laugh and toss the shirt to the foot of my bed. “Does this mean I get to go through your stuff now too?” I ask him.

He pulls another thing from my bag. One of my club outfits and I roll my eyes as I see his eyes light up. “Just look around,” he mutters while entranced by the dark leather and mesh in his hands. “Closet's got lots too.”

I grin and hurl myself up to move to the sliding wall behind the Prestigo poster and move it across. Kitch's closet is full of hanging clothing, shoes, jackets, underwear, everything. It was packed. “Woah!” I blurt as I look at it all. Everything I owned had come with me in a medium sized bag, while Kitch had enough stuff to fill my nasty ass apartment twice!

I hear him rummage through my things some more, “You sure love your hair goop,” he chuckles while tossing the jars to my bed. He looks over to me then sets my baggage aside and comes to stand beside me. “Let's see...” he murmurs as he glances me over and turns to his wall of clothes. He sifts again as he looks for something until, “Ah hah!” he cries as he pulls the hanger from suspension and holds up an outfit.

I've gotta say it looks really nice as I reach out to touch the fabric. The top is a dark but shiny material on the front and the back was sheer. The pants were dark leather with a red tint in the light and had two belts with large silver buckles. “Kinda virginal but hey, I think you'd look really good in this,” Kitch says as he tosses me the bundle.

“Really?” I say as I clutch the heap.

“Yeah for sure, you should wear it tonight!” he says as he pulls the sliding door across.

I smile, “Right, the party thing,” I say and Kitch brushes past me to fall onto his bed.

“What party thing?” Kitch asks, plopping down onto the bed.

“Cayden says that the chairman's having a party at Firman Academy. He told me we were leaving at nineteen to get there.” I tell him and his eyes light up.

“Really? Oh man! That's gonna be awesome!” He cries as he folds his hands behind his head.

I let out a nervous laugh, “Uh, I don't think its a... 'party' party. It's more like a fundraiser or something he says.” I tell him.

He laughs, “Oh right. Oh well, I just hope Fozz doesn't get too drunk then,” he says as he picks up his holo again.

I turn around, “I haven't met him yet,” I tell him as I set the outfit on the top bunk and sit on the bottom.

“This is Fozz,” he says as he reaches the holo to me, showing a photo of Kitch under the arm of a really cute and tan guy with a drink and huge biceps. Just like Cayden.

“Wow,” I say, not really surprised as it seems everyone on board must be a supermodel.

Kitch takes the holo back and stares at it with a smile, “Yeah,” he says as he swipes to what looks like another picture of them, this time Fozz is kissing his cheek.

The way Kitch was staring at it made me just itching to state the obvious. “So you like this guy, or what?” I say aloud.

Kitch reddens a little and starts to grin. “A little,” he confesses before swiping again.

I raise an eyebrow, “A little?” I say unconvinced.

He smiles widely, “Ok, a lot” he says leaning into his pillow, “But don't expect to hear wedding bells anytime soon. Fozz is not the dating type, and neither am I to be honest.”

I grin, “Does he like you too?” I ask him.

He lets out a loud laugh and looks at me, “Oh yeah, he loves screwin' me, and everybody else he meets!” he says with a snarl before tossing the pad to the foot of his bed.

I let out a nervous chuckle at Kitch's little outburst, and I don't really know what to say. Wasn't Kitch the one who just did whatever the fuck he did in a private room with a stripper? I decided now would be a good time for a shower and change of clothes. I want to make a good impression tonight. “Well, I'm gonna go shower and stuff. Are there towels in the showers?” I ask as I realize I never brought mine.

Kitch nods while shaking his foot.

“Thanks,” I turn and grab my toothbrush, wash, hair gunk and the outfit Kitch lent me, “And thanks for this, man!” I say with a grin, to which he reciprocates.

“Let me use some of your stuff sometime and we're even!” he calls to me while I leave the room.


There were three showers opposite a wall that had a series of cubbies, the one of the end leading back to the toilets and sink was full of clean white towels. Some of the cubbies had things that must of been other members of the crew's but some of them were empty so I figured I could probably claim one for myself. I laughed when I saw “OLLINS” written on one of the toothbrushes I past so I chose the free cubby next to his and set my things on the top shelf before hanging the outfit.

I then looked around and went to peer on the other side of the wall, just to be sure that no one else was there, unlike I had been earlier this morning when Maffan was in the shower. It wasn't that I was self conscious, I just have never shared a shower before. But this was something I'd have to get used to if I was going to stay on this ship. So I made my way back to my new cubby and tore my clothes off and moved to the middle shower.

The showers themselves were state of the art, with dispensers for shampoo, conditioner and body wash. I slid my finger across the pad to set the water temperature and immediately it was the right one. I didn't need to wait for the water to warm up after 5 minutes which I was very excited about.

Once I was clean, I turned off the water and grabbed a towel from the end cubby and rustled my head as fast as I could, drying my hair and making it messy and wild. I grabbed a jar of my hair product, my toothbrush and wash and moved to a sink, towel wrapped around my waist. Brushing my teeth was first priority.

I grimace when I notice my arm in the reflection. It DOES look pretty brutal and it makes me smile when I think about how concerned Cayden had been earlier. I guess that's why he's such a great captain.

It felt good to finally feel clean again. Especially in my mouth. After I rinsed my mouth of the mint I brushed my hair using Kitch's brush as I forgot that back in the room, and hey, it's not like he needs it. But he did have it which means his buzz cut must be a new development. I tried to imagine what Kitch would look like with longer hair.

Now for my favourite part. I twist off the lid to the jar and scoop a bit of the gunk on my fingers before I rub it into my flat mohawk and get to work. It isn't long before I'm looking like my usual self and I smile.

Thats when I notice Torbul, the spiky headed first mate of the ship with an amazing set of abs come into the background of my reflection. I turn the water off and let out a nervous laugh as he stares ice daggers into the back of my head.

“Uh... Hey there... Torbul,” I say as I grip the towel around my waist, making sure that it stays put.

He eyes me up and down until he looks at the sink, then he slowly swaggers over to me and picks up my product. “I use the same stuff,” he utters and I let out a sigh of relief as it kinda seemed like he was going to beat me up.

“Yeah, it's great!” I say with a smile as he stares at me again. I gulp as I look over his extremely sharp eyebrows. “Uh, I didn't see any of it back there in the cubbies,” I say as I turn away to look at the entry to the showers.

He scoffs, “I don't have a cubby. I'm the first mate. I have my own shower and bathroom,” he growls as I slowly turn back to look at him.

“Oh...” I murmur as I look down at his sneakers. I turn to move away, “Well, I think I should probably dress-” I begin until he grabs me by the arm... my BRUISED arm and twirls me around to look at him. I let out a loud yelp and he brings his gloved hand to my mouth and covers it.

He starts to chuckle and I have to admit it's one of the sexiest laughs I've ever heard, but after what happened last night my mind's telling me to get the hell out of there... if only my dick felt the same way. He brings his face close to mine and I can feel his extremely hot breath against my cheek while I struggle against him.

“Stop moving.” he grunts as he folds his arms around me and locks me in place, pushing me against his bare chest. I can't bring myself to try and say anything, just stare at his piercing eyes as he smirks. “You know, Tirrg told me to stay away from you,” he begins and I swallow. He starts to let out that sexy chuckle again and he grips me bone-crushingly tight as he looks me over, “What could he possibly have seen in you to let you come aboard?” he says and I feel my stomach drop. So much for bonding over hair products. I remain silent. “Did you suck him off? Let him fuck you? You know you can kiss him goodbye because Tirrg never fucks around with his crew,” he laughs again, “letting you aboard was like the kiss of death. Who knows, maybe he took you in because you were so boring he never wanted screw you again.” he says with a sneer.

I now found Torbul at the bottom of my list of people to give a shit about. He brought his lips to my ear and sent shivers down my spine as he spoke, “Whatever the reason, let me be the first to give you a proper welcome,” he says in a husky tone as I feel my knees wobble. I know I should be screaming at the asshole, telling him to back off and do my best to break myself free, but I couldn't help that for some fucked up reason I was finding the whole situation incredibly hot.

My towel slips off as he pulls himself back a little. He laughs again when he sees my dick standing at full attention, “Are you trying to please me?” he grunts as he flips me around and pushes me against the sink, causing me to yelp loudly as the jar of product crashes to the floor. “Because that's not gonna cut it,” he says with a growl as I swallow and let out a murmured moan when I feel his large hands cup one of my butt-cheeks in each hand. “But this may,” he whispers before I hear him undo his belt and pull down his shorts.

I'm suddenly super aware that we are in a SHARED bathroom with no lock, “Uh... what if someone comes in? I utter.

He digs his fingers into the plumpness of my rear and lifts my right leg on to the sink, “I'll say I walked in on you and you begged me to fuck you senseless like the little slut you are,” he says with a snicker as he brings a hand to pull my head back by the hair. Once more I feel his breath at my ear and he whispers, “It's honestly not far from the truth.”

I bite my lip. I bet if Cayden walked in he'd have something to say about it, especially since he apparently told him to stay away from me. Yet even so, I didn't wan't him to stop. For some reason I'm a sucker for jerks like Torbul.

I let out a soft yelp as he releases the hold on my hair, “Don't worry, I'll make this quick,” he murmurs as I watch him spit on his girthy cock. “Finger yourself,” he commands and I pant as I reach back and rub a circle around my throbbing asshole. “That looks well used,” he says in a condescending manner as I pop a finger inside myself and push it all the way in. I look back at him and watch him stare intently while I do. He looks stern and unimpressed. I push another finger in and let out a silent moan as I stretch its tightness. He's started to press his fingernails into my skin. I smirk when he lets out a grunt and I insert another finger.

I let out a sharp moan when I feel him drive his thumb deep inside of me, along with my three other fingers and I hear that sexy snicker again. “Let's get this over with,” he says. As if the bastard is thinking of this as a chore, he started it.

When he taps his solid meat against my hole I bite my lip in anticipation. I love that little tap and I instinctively arch my back as much as possible. I cant help but stroke myself as he teasingly keeps tapping. “I thought you were gonna be quick?” I ask as I look back, face flushed.

He cocks an eyebrow and I wince as he rams his cock fully inside of me. Fuck. He presses himself against my back and I start to pant again, “Unless you want to crawl to the party tonight, you keep quiet,” he tells me with hot breath. I swallow again as he starts to pull out and I brace myself for the wrath of Torbul, and the pounding my poor ass is going to get. I'll probably end up crawling to the academy anyways.

He growls as he slams into me again, and he digs his fingernails deeper into my ass cheeks with every thrust. I swear he's drawn blood, but fortunately this drilling is starting to feel good and I moan as he continues plowing me. He's unrelenting as he grips my hair again and snickers next my ear. “I don't know who's ass is better, your's or your cabin mate's,” he growls as he lets go of my hair to grip my backside once more.

I bite harder at my lip as I arch by back and push my ass into his crotch. I slap my hand against the mirror in front of me and moan loudly as he hits it just right. I can sense him smirk as he hits it again, and again like it's some sort of game he's perfected playing. I'm oozing precum now and I know that any second I'll spew, so long as Torbul keeps doing his job.

I turn and see him throw his head back wards as he growls and hits me harder, and harder. He's getting louder now and I can see the sweat glistening on his smooth chest, Thats when I notice how enormous his Pecs are and I lick my lips imagining myself licking the sweat off of them. I say imagine because the way Torbul was driving me right now just felt too good to move, and he'd probably punch me or something if I turned around.

I made fists and pushed myself as hard as I could against Torbul's meat rocket. “Ah... ah!” I cried as I hit my climax, HARD as I shot rope by rope of my sticky seed against the floor under the sink. My own orgasm causing me to grow very, very tight.

I hear Torbul growl as I quiver and shake. He slams into my ass one last time as hard as he can and I can feel his cock start to unload it's steaming hot wad inside of me. I moan as he grips my cheeks once more and continues breeding my ass good and deep. A few more short thrusts and grunts and he's sufficiently spent. We both are shaky and panting and I can once again feel his hot breath against my neck.

I turn to give him a grin, hoping that maybe now he'd be a little nicer. When I do he yanks me by the hair and pushes me down off the sink, pushing my face into the floor where my sticky cum was drying. “Clean it up,” he grunts and I obey. My cum was cold now which I hated, but it was still sweet. I lapped at the wall and the floor until the only thing sticky there was my spit. “Good,” Torbul sneers as he lets go of my hair. “But you aren't done,” he grunts as he takes to his feet and shoves his glistening and drooling cock in my face. I don't object as I take the softening meat into my mouth and slurp up all and any remaining juices he may have before pulling the cock free from my mouth with a “pop” sound.

He doesn't say anything, just sneers as he pulls up his shiny yellow underwear and orange shorts. I swallow and lick the corner of my lips before I sit there waiting for him to either help me up, or leave.

“Knowing that I was the first to properly christen you on board gonna bring me great joy, every time I see you around,” he smirks before drawing close. “Welcome aboard, Hawk” he says with a scoff before lightly slapping my cheek and taking to his feet to leave.

I sigh in relief when he's finally gone and I lean back to rest my head on the sink. What a freaking asshole... albeit a freaking SEXY asshole. I sigh while rubbing my reddened ass and start to think that I should probably dress myself and get out of here. I quickly fixed my hair, cleaned up Torbul's cum that was starting to run down my leg, slipped into Kitch's outfit that he lent me, and got out.


I let out a sigh of relief when I reached my cabin and threw my dirty clothes on the bed. “Woah, what happened to your arm? Clothes look great by the way, but man... What the hell happened?” Kitch yelled as he noticed my bruises.

I swallowed and rolls my eyes while I pulled my black sleeves from the pile of clothes on my bed and put them back on. I didn't really want to be asked about them, and at least they match the outfit. “Uh, I had a pretty bad fall yesterday,” I tell Kitch as I bend to pick up the rest of the clothes in anxiety.

He parks himself on his bed, “At the concert?” he asks as I turn to him.

“Yes,” I say quickly, “Now what do we do about laundry around here?” I ask trying to change subjects.

He stands up and moves to a the little terminal near the door and presses something. A hole appears in the wall and he points for me to toss it in. “Down there,” he says, “So did Tempest have anything to do with it?”

I smirk as I throw the clothes down the hole and it snaps shut. Kitch is like a little kid. “Uh, yeah I guess,” I stammer as I walk away to look for my shiny black shoes that would look great with the rest of the outfit.

“What happened?” He asked as he jumped on his bed, landing on his chest and kicking his legs back and forth in the air. What does he think this is, story time?

I sigh, “One of them just threw me down some stairs is all,” I lied as I found the pair of shoes and started to zip them around my feet.

He eyed me suspiciously, but only said, “Well I guess you're lucky that's all they did,” and turned on his back. “I only joined the crew like two and a half years ago, so I wasn't with them the first time they shut Tempest down, but the guys told me stories,” he looked at me before he reached up to one of the gadget filled shelves on the wall above his bed, “And they won't be getting anywhere near me!” he says as he pulls up a small gun that grows bigger as he activates it.

I chuckle, “Have you ever used that thing?” I ask and he grins.

“Not yet,” he says as he deactivated the weapon and sets it down, “But I'm sure I will soon.”

I smiled. At least Kitch isn't some trigger happy asshole. Not like how I expect Torbul to be. Thank gods HE isn't the one I'm sharing a cabin with. Not only would I live in constant fear of pissing him off, but my ass would be permanently sore... which I wouldn't mind if he wasn't such a jerk-off.

I laughed when I heard Kitch's stomach rumble. He grinned and rubbed at it, “Wanna go get some lunch?” he asked as he took to his feet.

“Sure,” I reply, noticing my own appetite rising.