Saturday, 5 July 2014

Chapter 11. Custodial: Jason VII

Without further delay, Chapter 11! I included a little "PREVIOUSLY..." to help refresh after so long.


Chaos at the stadium shakes the entire planet, as Tempest, a thought to be abolished terrorist organization lets its presence known and attacks a concert held by Arum superstar Prestigo in The Federation capitol, Firmus. Jason Hawk, a young thief orphaned by the very same forces is saved through the pandemonium by the very hero that took them down 6 years prior, Cayden Tirrg. At Jason's request, Cayden allows him to join his crew aboard the Hurricane, a massive airship that Cayden captains. There, Jason meets first mate Torbul Jecks, Tai Ossapa, Uric Vars, Maffan Machotta, Dorian Fozz, Ryk “Stone” Reeves and finally his new cabin-mate Kitch Ollins. Most of the crew welcomes Jason, while Torbul causes him some trouble. At a party guised as a relief fundraiser for victims of the previous night's attack, Cayden Tirrg makes a speech and vows to once again find and end the terror caused by Tempest.

The following day the Hurricane leaves for Muspar, the crater city where Cayden hopes to uncover some clues. He pays a visit to one of Tempests former scientists, now fight-club owner, Yahn Izzara, accompanied by Maffan Machotta and Jason Hawk. There, he learns that Valak Oman, the deceased leader of Tempest had a son. Information that cost Yahn his life at the blade of a Tempest assassin disguised as a dancer, who renders both Cayden and Maffan temporarily paralyzed from the neck down by pressing a button on her wrist cuff. Jason Hawk saves the day and neutralizes the threat, earning praise from both Cayden and Maffan as well as Yahn's son, Barim. Upon taking the cuff back to the Hurricane, Kitch Ollins and Uric Vars are tasked with uncovering how it works, and possibly even making replicas for the crew.

Still kickin'

Hey everyone, if anyone's still here that is XD. Sorry for my prolonged absence over the past year. I always am surprised at how much life school saps out of me, and last year was a trying one. However, it's summer now, and I have finally been able to work on this project that I love dearly. Thank you for your kind comments and words and I hope you enjoy what is to come! Enjoy these 2 revamped pictures I did of Jason and Cayden and please forgive me!

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