Sunday, 26 May 2013

Chapter 1. Ignite: Jason I

Here is Chapter One! Though I really enjoy writing, I am no master author, so be easy on me, and I hope you enjoy it!

Ignite: Jason I

I woke up with a huge headache. The kind that would make a big, two hundred-something pound guy, like the one snoring next to me, whimper in pain. Or at least that's what I'd like to think. Not me though, because I always bring my reinforcements, or meds I guess.

After pushing the snoring man, Kess I think's, arm off a very naked me, I kicked my legs over the side of the bed and winced as I bent over to my pile of clothes and grabbed my pouch. Some credits, my ID, com-D, some lube and my glorious pills were all inside. Seriously doubting that their was a clean glass in this apartment, and the fact that my head was throbbing, I popped 2 of the little white things in my mouth and dry swallowed. Thank gods for Arum's medicine. I could already feel the pulsing pain in my head start to go away.

Rubbing some sleep from my eyes, I got up and dressed myself. With a yawn, I rested my forehead on the window, squinting as I looked out to the cityscape. Spires that looked like they were lost in the clouds were all you could see, along with swarms of flying speeders. Well, them and the ocean. A slight smirk grew on my face as I spotted the cause of my headache floating just above the ocean, dark clouds. Oh, Arum loved it's storms. Deciding that I'd rather get back to my place and not have to walk through torrential downpours, I searched through the big oaf's clothes till I found his wallet, snatched some money-actually a lot of money, and got out of there.

As I made my way through the massive apartment tower and down the elevator platform, I couldn't help but feel envious. Sure it may have a weird smell, a lot of the lights weren't working and wires were hanging down from the ceilings, but it was way nicer than what I had to call home. It was nicer than many of the shit-shacks people in this city had to call “home”.

“Woah!” I cried as I stepped into the light. It was fucking bright out today. My brows furrowed as I trekked onward, while I scolded myself for not searching for some shade's before leaving. The plaza was busy, loud and surprisingly nice looking.

“Excuse me young one,” An accented voice asked, causing me to turn my head. An older man who looked very foreign and very haggard stood before me. “Could you spare me some credits, please?”

I hated beggars, they always made me feel terrible about myself for refusing them. I knew I should probably help this man, I even had the means to, but I wasn't. “I'm sorry... I really don't have any to give” I lied.

“Liar!” The man screeched as he grabbed my wrist with one hand, while trying to pry my pouch out of my grasp with the other. “You mean to tell me a little whore like yourself has no money? Liar!” He cried in my face.

I winced as I tried hard to pull away from the man, and silently commended myself this time for not giving him any credits. “Fuck off!” I yelled as I kicked him in the stomach. He cried in pain and fell back as I quickly sprinted away.


After stopping at a cheap diner for a very greasy meal, I was finally back in the small, two room, musty, dirty, pretty-sure-someone-was-murdered-in-here-one-time place I call “home”, I threw myself onto my rickety bed and sighed as I looked at my disgusting ceiling. The beige-ish ceiling paint was cracking, and the one light that I had was broken. I looked across the room to my kitchen. I didn't have anything but a fridge and sink that continuously dripped. I sighed.

One would think living in the Arum's capitol, Firmus is pretty interesting. One would be right, I suppose. The people, the food, the buildings, all pretty interesting. Unfortuantely, Firman-vermin like myself don't really get to experience all the city has to offer. Although tonight, I'm going to have a taste.

Prestigo. He's the hottest, most talented, biggest star on the planet, and he's having a concert here tonight! Something I've been saving for months to go to.

Reaching over I picked up my ticket from the bedside table and stared at it with the widest grin you could imagine. I didn't know where my seat was located, and I didn't have high expectations, but its all I could afford and shit, I couldn't help but squeal when I got the ticket. Thank gods the ticket booth was automated.

I laid my head back in my pillow and turned to look at the Prestigo poster on my wall. Fuck he 's sexy. Tanned skin, hairy-muscled chest, piercing eyes and bleached hair, I even liked his dark roots. Damn and his eyebrows... I have a thing for eyebrows.

Sighing, I looked over to the clock, 13:26 is what it read, which meant I still had a good seven hours to kill before I needed to head to the stadium. I sighed, some days I really hate being a loner. It's not that I try to be or anything, it just seems like everyone I've ever been close with has either died, or just left. I thought back to my best friend, Chek with a sad smile. We did everything together, never a dull moment. He died just over a year ago in speeder crash and I've yet to get over it. Right when I was starting to like him, of course. He would have loved to go to concert tonight.

I laid quiet on my side, slowly pulling my cream coloured blanket up and over me. I thought back to my parents and how things used to be, until I started to feel water well in my eyes. As I hated revisiting Memory Lane, I turned back to face the ceiling and folded my hands on my chest and closed my eyes, deciding that a nap would be the best option to kill the time. It's not like I got much sleep last night anyways.


I woke up to the loud banging sounds coming from some deadbeat knocking on my door. “What now...” I murmured as I hurled myself from the bed as across the room. With a quick peak at the surveillance screen, I saw that it was the biggest deadbeat of all. My landlord, Mr. Mervish. With a groan, I pressed a button and let the large metal door slide away.

“I see you're finally home.” Mervish said, in a way that was sort of creepy. Fuck, everything he said sounded creepy. He looked exactly how you would expect him to, a short middle aged man on the heavy side. Something you may not expect however is just how impeccably dressed he was. His clothing always impressed me, his scent, not so much. “I suppose you know why I'm here,” he began.

I fought myself from rolling my eyes and stopped him, “Yeah, yeah I know, the rent” I smiled when I remembered that I had raided a decent sum of credits earlier. “And I have it all! Next month's too!” I said in glee as I turned around to grab my pouch of the table beside my bed and pulled out a handful of gold-tinted chips. “Here.” I said as I held my hand out to him.

Mervish looked surprised, probably because I almost never pay my rent, and the only reason I still have this piece of shit is because every month I give his disgusting ass a blow-job. Thank the gods that won't be happening this time.

He wasn't taking them, “Is something wrong, sir?” I asked. He looked up at me with furrowed brows.

“Well this is unexpected.” He replied as he greedily snatched the metal chips from my hand and taking them into his own. I smirked as I watched him count them. I wouldn't need to worry about his ass for two months!

“Well, goodbye then.” I said as I reached to press the button to shut the door, when Mervish stopped me.

“You know, I still can very much throw your ass to the streets.” he hissed.

I pulled my arm from his grasp and gave him the biggest death glare I think I had ever given. “Bye.” I spat at him before making the door close. Phew.

While I knew Mervish was very much right, he could technically evict me if he wanted, I decided not to think about it. Instead, I turned and paced to the only other room in the apartment, the bathroom, equipped with a shitty sink, shitty toilet, and an even shittier shower, but I guess they did their jobs. I turned the shower knob to where I always put it, just a little before the half way point, on the cold side. Anything hotter and the entire place will become a sauna.
As the water ran, I stripped myself down, and tossed my clothes at my bed. I missed, but whatever. Reaching my hand into the falling water, I decided it was ok and I got in, sliding the frosted glass across as I did. I wanted a quick shower, so I immediately grabbed the shampoo and washed my hair, followed by my body with the soap. When I got out I grabbed a towel and I rubbed the top of my head vigorously, and then the rest of me before hanging it back up.

The mirror had a crack in it, one that I always seemed to notice. I grabbed a jar of the sticky gel I used to style my hair everyday and started to do my magic. That may sound pretentious, but styling my hair was something I looked forward to everyday. When I was done I took a good look at the result. My dark, chestnut mohawk was something I had always been known for, and was pretty much the only thing that I can remember being constant my whole life. That and the rain.

I washed my hands of the sticky substance, before I cleaned my teeth with some cheap wash. I spit and rinsed before looking up to admire my reflection. I don't really consider myself vain, but something about bathroom lighting just makes anyone look amazing, even my bathroom. My green eyes seemed greener and when I smiled, my teeth seemed brighter.

After rolling on some deodorant, I turned and walked into the main room and over to my closet that was absolutely full of clothing. That was me being sarcastic. I didn't own much. Couldn't afford much. Being a 19 year old thief with no other form of income than government cheques doesn't really let me go crazy with credits. I'm not the only one. I'd say over half of the people who live in Firmus are just like me. Only some of them may have families. There's basically a robot for any kind of job a kid like me with no education could hope for. But tonight I'm not going to worry about that stuff. I'm not going to worry about money either. I've been waiting for this concert for forever, and I'm going to go out, have a nice meal for once, dance my ass off, and hopefully get noticed by Prestigo so he asks for me to go backstage with him where he fucks me and then falls in love and asks me to marry him.

Well ok, maybe not that last part. Even though he's pretty much my ultimate fantasy, he's an asshole, and I don't think anyone's union with him would last more than a month. And well, if Prestigo's a no go, maybe I can go home with somebody cute who just looks like him, I'm sure there will be plenty of guys dressed up, and I know just what I'm going to wear.

I pulled my outfit for the night out of the closet. A tight-red top with grey shoulders and a long black neck that cut off just above my bellybutton, my navy and brown “goblet” gloves as I called them, with a tight black sleeve that ended just below my shoulders, the same sleeves but in stocking form that went halfway up my thighs, black boots, and some skin-tight silver bottoms with my tiny black briefs underneath.

I scurried to look in the mirror and couldn't help but smile. While my outfit wasn't that out of the ordinary for a lot of Firman-vermin, it was a bit skimpier than my other stuff... a bit. But tonight, I was going to a Prestigo concert, and I'll probably be the most covered person there.


With a just a few more hours to kill before the concert, I decided to go find myself something good to eat. The city was busy, busier than usual no thanks to Prestigo. Mix all those people in with the humidity and it feels even more crowded. Deciding I needed a drink first, I rushed into the closest variety store I found.

The cool air was refreshing. I smiled at the robo-clerk, knowing full well that I wouldn't get one in return before moving to the back of the store. Looking though all of the different bottles and labels was an adventure tonight, as I wasn't just going to pick out whatever's cheapest.

I finally decided on some, bright green looking liquid. I couldn't read the label as it was in some type of language I never learned, Musparian I think, but I'm sure I'll like it. I hear Muspar is pretty cool. I turned on my heel and walked up to the robo-clerk's counter. I said hello and unclipped my pouch from my bottoms and started to sift for the correct amount of credits, until I heard the news say a name that always caught my attention, causing me to quickly look up at the floating, holo-screen in the high corner and watch.

“Captain Cayden Tirrg is back in town. The Firmus-native and his airship, Hurricane landed in the city earlier today. It is unknown as to why he and his crew have returned to the capitol, but we're not complaining as it's always nice to have a few heros around. The 26 year old Federation hero and his crew have been sailing the skies peacefully, offering services to independent island communities ever since putting a stop to the terrorist group, “Tempest”, six years ago next month...”

“Sir?” A robotic voice said, bringing my attention back to the robo-clerk, who was waiting for me to pay him.

“Oh, right! Sorry!” I said as I quickly counted out a few of the small metal chips and handed them over to the droid, who deposited them into the register. I grabbed my drink and stood to the side as I looked back up at the holo-screen. A man passed behind me as I gazed at the picture of the man who the newscaster was talking about. Cayden Tirrg, Captain Cayden Tirrg. Just like the newscaster said, he and his crew took down Tempest six years ago. I was thirteen at the time, but Tempest had been around for a few years earlier than that. The fact that he took them down meant a lot to me and still does, because well, my parents were just two of Tempest's millions of victims. I started to feel sad as I thought back to the day. I was in school then, and had a bright future ahead of me, until Tempest blew up the biggest shopping centre in Firmus, taking my parents along with it.

I remember the day when Cayden Tirrg delivered the man behind Tempest, Valak Oman, to the Chairman. I remember feeling happy, triumphant that this... asshole was finally going to get what he deserved, that the terror was done. He was put to death a few days later.

Still looking at the broadcast, I found myself swooning at just his picture. He was ruggedly handsome, with the warmest smile I've ever seen. He had deep brown eyes, brown hair, a perfectly groomed chinstrap-beard, and don't get me started on his eyebrows! As I stood there scanning his features, I realized that I had never thought of him in a sexual way before and I wondered why. I decided it must be because I knew he had to be a nice guy, and well, apparently I'm only attracted to assholes.

Gripping my drink, I snapped my head from the holo-screen, and left the store. Hello again, humidity, I said to myself as I walked through the crowds of people and down the street. It had to be close to 19:30 by now and I could already see the Prestigo impostors filling the streets. Scantily clad buff-guys with bleach blond hair and wigs were everywhere, and the numbers only increased the closer I got to the stadium.

Remembering the drink I had just bought, I quickly broke it's seal and gave it a sip. Not bad, I thought to myself before guzzling half of the stuff down and continuing on my way.

The closer I got to the stadium, the nicer the streets became. Palm trees lines the streets, while speeders raced overhead the crowds. The stores were nicer too, with plenty of holo-ads floating around, featuring sexy models that I couldn't resist taking a glance at.

Pretty soon I came across a fruit salesmen who had some of the most exotic fruits in all of Arum, I knew what I was going to eat. I searched his rack until I found it, a guappo fruit, the most delicious thing on the planet. I had only had one once before, on my eighth birthday and haven't had one since.

“How much for this?” I asked the man, who was middle-aged and looked like he came from Yauve. He had dark hair, and skin that looked like i had spent it's whole life in a sandstorm.

He raised an eyebrow at me and in a heavy accent replied, “Ah, the guappo fruit. Expensive taste you have,” he chuckled and gave me a look I knew all to well, causing me to feel a little uncomfortable. “Normally 64 credits, but for you, 40.”

Who am I to argue? “Thank you sir!” I said as I handed him the money. 40 credits was pretty expensive, but it sure as hell beats 64. I knew the silver bottoms were a good choice.

Beaming, I eyed the orange, spiky fruit with lust as I clutched it with my gloved hand. I gripped it tight as I made my way though the street and finally to the plaza in front of Lurian Stadium. I made my way over to a bench, where I sat and pulled out a small knife that I had tucked into my left boot before I left and started to cut the orange-deliciousness in my hand. I jabbed one of the cut dices with the knife and brought it to my mouth. One bite and I was transported to heaven. Sweet, with just the right amount of sour. I wanted to savour it, but... I ended up devouring the thing in less than two minutes. Satisfaction achieved.

I drank the remaining bit of my green drink before throwing it in a nearby waste bin, and made my way to the stadium. I was getting excited. I took my place in line, and impatiently started waiting for them to open the doors.


From the time I started waiting, to the time they let us in I had witnessed 3 fights, 6 people pass out, 2 people puke and even a couple start having sex about 10 meters a head of me. But I was finally in. It was my first time in Lurian Stadium and holy crap It was amazing. It had a sort of aquatic theme, wish bronze pillars of waves and sea creatures spiralling to the sky-high ceilings. The colours, the lights, it all felt like a lavish coral reef or something.

After two flights of stairs, I finally found my section. I went up to the usher-droid and read him my ticket before he lead me to my seat. It wasn't as bad as I predicted. It was front row of the upper-bowl right on the end of the row. Plenty of dance room. I felt a squeal brewing inside as I leaned against the balcony rail and took in the sights. The ceiling of the stadium had a half-orb filled with water, and the light was beaming through it over the growing audience. It made that, cool underwater light effect, and surrounding the orb, were more bronze waves and sea creatures. It was amazing.


The seats were filling up now, but I wasn't sitting down. My fingers gripped the rail hard as my eyes gazed over the crowds, anxiously waiting for the show to start. The couple of guys beside me, like many of the couples that came together, had their tongues down each other's throats. I rolled my eyes as I looked at the rows and rows of people behind me. If I had to guess, I'd say there was probably 40% of the whole audience that wasn't dressed like Prestigo.

I felt my heart skip a beat when the lights finally dropped. The entire room bursted into cheers and cries. I clapped and screamed as loud as I could. The couple beside me had finally gotten to their feet and were screaming just as loud as I was, maybe louder.

The curtains rose, and fog floated upon the stage as light shot through it, and then, finally, the silhouette of none-other than Prestigo rose from the floor in centre stage, bringing more fog up with him. I looked at his projection on the giant holo-screen that was the backdrop for the show. He was wearing a dark blue suit with silver embroidery and frills galore.

My heart was beating fast as he began to sing. It was “Shockwaves” which is probably my third favourite of his. His voice was incredibly sexy. I screamed his name as loud as I could. I was sure to be voiceless tomorrow.


The show was amazing. It was almost half way through but I was already having the time of my life. The crowd was wild. Half of the row I was in was doing it with one another and I found myself wishing I had someone to ride while Prestigo sang my favourite song. I found myself regretting coming alone, until I felt a tap on my shoulder. I turned around and found myself looking at an armoured man with a visor helmet, so I couldn't see his eyes. He looked like some kind of security guard, he even had a gun attached to his back.

“Excuse me, but you look lonely.” He said with a cool voice. When he said that I couldn't help but look over at the couple beside me. It was like he read my mind or something. I opened my mouth to speak but he forcefully turned me over to face the rail and I could help but yelp. It hurt.

“Hey, what the fuck!” I cried as he gripped his gloved hands over my own. I could feel his hot breath on my ear as he ground himself against my backside.

“What did you expect, have you seen your ass?” He cooed as I felt him grope at my plump right cheek.

I didn't say anything as I held my breath. While I was no stranger to anonymous screwings, this guy was making me nervous. I gasped when I felt him pull down my silver bottoms and briefs all in one quick motion. “Uh, hold on a-” but I stopped. I jerked my head forward. The crowed went crazy as my favourite song in the universe, “Ignite” started to play. My heart quickened and I suddenly forgot about the stranger behind me, until I felt his tongue on my hole that is. “Ahh!” I moaned as I leaned myself forward, while pushing my rear out and into the man's clean-shaven face. I guess a quick go with him couldn't hurt, I was just wishing for this a moment ago after all.

“Oh, yeah,” The man's voice uttered, “This is a nice hole you got here, kid”. I moaned. The man was talented with his tongue, I'll give him that. I looked back at him. The fact that I couldn't see what he looked like was also kind of hot, and I was starting to get hard.

I closed my eyes for a second and let out a long groan as I felt him stick a gloved finger in me. I gasped, leaning further back into him. He wiggled it around, deeper, eventually finding my prostate. I threw my head back and gripped the rails hard as he massaged it. I heard him chuckle before he pulled his fingered out of my ass, and moved them to my mouth.

I sucked them hard while he leaned into me. I could feel his hard dick against my crack as he grunted, “Got any lube?” Thankfully I did, as spit just doesn't feel that pleasant sometimes. And this wasn't a moment I wanted ruined with unnecessary pain. I reached down to my pouch that was still clipped on my bottoms and pulled out a small lube-tube and handed it to him. He laughed, “I knew a little slut like you goes nowhere without some!”

I couldn't help but go red in the face. As much as it pissed me off that he said that, he was right. But all was forgiven as his lubed-up fingers returned to my hole, slicking it up well, soon to be replaced by his slick cock-head. I moaned again as he pressed it into me. Inch by inch he slid in. There was a little pain, but mostly it felt good. I lost myself a bit and started singing along to “Ignite” when his cock pressed hard against my g-spot. Unreal.

The song was almost over, but the stranger's pounding of my ass had only just begun. He started slowly, but that was short lived and became aggressive rather quickly. As “Ignite” ended and the crowd applauded, I looked over the audience and couldn't help but notice that there was a lot of armoured men, like the one ploughing me, fucking others throughout the entire stadium, except for the west side oddly enough. Guess the security couldn't resist all those sweaty, horny, barely-covered bodies.

The man was grunting now, I could feel his breath on my face. He was close, I was close. A few more deep thrusts from him and I shot my load all over the front of the balcony. I groaned as I came, and reached down to jerk my dick of leftover jizz. Guess my cumming did it for him too, because he quickly pulled his dick from my gaping hole and flipped me around, “On your knees and open up.” he commanded. I did as he said, but I was a bit ticked that he pulled me away from watching Prestigo, but forgot about that as soon as he pushed his sloppy cock into my mouth and down my throat. As he started to thrust against my face, he laughed, “Fuck! Scored a deepthroater!” he pulled his dripping cock from my mouth and slapped it against my cheek, “How's that big dick taste, slut?” he taunted before jabbing it back into my mouth. I wish I could say I wasn't turned on by his words but I can't. He gripped the sides of my head and pummelled my skull like there was no tomorrow. Tears welled in my eyes as he continued to destroy my mouth.

As he fucked my face, I couldn't help but notice, that throughout my skull-fucking, another one of the guard-men was watching us, while he sat in a seat while some guy dressed waist-up like Prestigo bounced up and down on his enormous cock. I jolted back to the one in front of me when he pulled his dick from my mouth once more before he started stroking it at what seemed like light speed. He grunted again before groaning, “Stick out your tongue, kid.” Another command given, another command followed. I was eager to get back to enjoying the concert. A few more strokes and the man spewed a huge shot of jizz right in my mouth, it hit the back of my throat and landed on my tongue, causing me to wince slightly at the surprise. A few more shots until he drove it hard back into my mouth and down my throat, churning the rest of his sperm along with my spit. I gagged, causing some of the load to spill from my mouth and start bubbling down my chin as he grunted and his thrusts soon came to a halt. He shoved his cock all the way into me one last time, making his pubes tickle against my nose. I could feel it twitch as it leaked its remaining cum into me and begin to soften. I swallowed what I could and felt him shudder.

He patted my head and told me what a good little cock sucker I was before pulling his soaking cock from my mouth. I gasped for air and looked at the floor before pulling my briefs and bottoms up as I went to stand. Only to feel a strong hand on my shoulders push me back down to my sore knees. “Hey what the hell? We're done here-” I started, only to stop as I noticed the giant-cocked man that the Presti-faux was riding was standing in front of me, his cock pointing right at my face with a string of precum dangling from it. If he thinks I'm sucking that thing he's wrong 'cause I'm sure as shit not.

“That was some hot shit, mind if I have some? Mine was fuckin' boring.” The new taller stranger said to his colleague. I looked over to where the guy we have fucking should be and froze. He was just laying in the seat, his eyes open, and to my horror his neck was snapped. Fuck.

I quickly tried to stand and make a run for it, but stranger number one, who so was not any security guard grabbed me by the arm, twisted it and pushed me down. My knife. I had to get my knife. I went to reach for it, but the shorter one grabbed my arms again. “Hands where I can see'em.” Another command. He lifted my arms above my head and gripped them tight. He was strong and any struggle I made to break free he easily resisted. I was scared and I was shocked that no one was noticing what was happening to me! Oh gods, the other people who these creeps are screwing...

My thoughts of terror were cut short when I felt man number two's giant, uncut dick press agains my closed lips, his precum glossing them. “Open your fucking mouth and take it, if you fucking bite me I'll shoot you” he threatened as my heart beat fast. I slowly opened my mouth. Where was the real security?

“Ahh... feels as good as it looks...” The man moaned as he sheathed his entire self into my head. The one locking my arms above me chuckled as he did so.

As he pounded on my mouth, I tried to focus on something else. I tried to picture Prestigo dancing to the song he was singing, what his outfit probably was, anything. Anything but that fact that two strange men with guns who were probably going to kill me were restraining me from my only chance at fighting back while the other used my mouth as his personal fuck toy. Tears welled up in my eyes again as the salty taste of the man's cock mixed with my spit. I gagged, and thankfully he pulled out and let me grab some air, bubbles of spit mixed with precum spilled out of my mouth as I gasped.

They both laughed as he rubbed his massive meat across my face, dragging a trail of goo wherever his cock went. “You know, you look like an ass-eater.” he growled at me. My eyes shot open and I looked up with him with concern. He was right, but I didn't want to eat HIS ass. I watched as he turned around, exposing his furry ass crack to me and I bit my lip, praying to the three gods that this be over soon and that I live. He pushed his sweaty, hairy ass to my face and I felt the man behind me knee me. Hard.

“Eat his fuckin' ass, whore!” He cried at me. With a yelp I once again followed orders as I hesitantly licked at the man's musky hole. “How's that feel, man? Doesn't look like he's trying too hard.” I heard him say to the man planted in front of me.

“Doesn't feel like it either. Where's that tongue I felt a minute ago?” He said as he looked back at me through his shielded face. I was about to say something when the man restraining me twisted my arm. I screamed.

“Eat. That. Fucking. Ass.” he growled through clenched teeth. A tear ran down my cheek as I gave in. I lunged forward and licked his hole once more. I spit on it. I smelled it. I sucked it. I licked from his hairy ball-sack to the base of his back. I did anything and everything to try and please him, in hopes that it would make it end quicker. “Tell him you like it.” he grunted at me.

“I like it” I said, no emotion. Another twist of my arm, another yelp.

“Like you mean it. Tell him like the little slut you are that you love eating his meaty ass!” He screamed at me. Not wanting to face the consequences of what would happen if I didn't. I did.

I moaned. “Ah, I fuckin'... love... your ass...” I sucked at the hole and massaged it with my tongue.

“Sir.” The arm-twister said.

“Sir.” I whimpered.

“Ah fuck that's good...” The man who's ass I was being forced to chow down on uttered. Until suddenly he turned around to face me. “Open your mouth.” You don't have to tell me twice. He placed his sweaty sack into my mouth and made me suck on both his balls. My cheeks were full of his hairy nuts as he jerked his cock, grunting and moaning while he did it. His moans got louder until he pulled his wet balls from my mouth, making a “pop” sound and replaced them with the head of his dick.

“He looks hungry,” The one holding my arms said, “slut-boy here can't go 5 minutes without craving another load! Better give him what he wants!”

The big-dicked idiot in front of me grunted and laughed, “Here it comes! A meal fit for a cum-slut. Just like you ordered.” I did a mental eye-roll and then felt his massive load ooze out of his dick and into my mouth. Me made small thrusts with his hips as he deposited dump after dump of his thick, gooey man-batter over my tongue. He tasted disgusting causing me to shut my eyes tight, while trying to swallow as quick as possible. I felt him shiver as he finished emptying his balls in my mouth. I slowly pulled my mouth away from his dripping meat, anticipating that at anytime my arm would once again be twisted... or worse. But that never came. Instead, a loud “crash” shook the entire building.

My eyes shot open as everyone looked to the west side of the stadium. There were screams. My eyes were open wide as I, and the rest of the audience watched as the smoke cleared. A ship had crashed right through the west side of the theatre, killing or seriously hurting the entire section that was sitting there. The ship doors opened and more of the armoured men, like the ones that just used me, poured out of it, guns firing. The music had stopped. These men were DEFINITELY not security guards.

The men had let go of me now and were pulling up their pants. This was my chance. I wiped my mouth clean, and quickly pulled the knife from my boot, I'd have to go for their throats. Seems justified, as thats where they went on me. The big one noticed my attack and grabbed my wrist as I lunged at him. I cried out as he gripped it with crushing power causing me to drop my knife. Fuck.

“Well, well, babe. Looks like this is the end for you,” The smaller, mouthier one said to me as he patted my cheek. I growled at him. “It's been fun. Hope you're as good at flying as you are at sucking dick.”

What the fuck is that supposed to mean? Well I soon found out because the big one had lifted me up and was hanging me over the edge of the balcony. I looked down at what was below in horror. I'd probably survive, but not without some broken bones. I looked at the visored face of the man dangling me. He smirked. I fell.

As I yelled, I prayed that my injuries wouldn't be too terrible, but I didn't expect much, and I certainly didn't expect what came next. I felt a pair of strong arms catch me as I crashed into whoever's they were. Through my screams, I heard the man go “Oaff!” as the air escaped his lungs, and we fell into a seat that we broke on contact. And it fucking hurt. Ow. I grunted in pain as I rubbed my shoulder, thankful that I hadn't broken anything. I crawled off the man and shakily, I sat on the floor before I turned to look at my saviour, who was also groaning and slowly bringing himself to his feet. My mouth dropped.

“Fuck that hurt!” he cried as as he clutched his enormous right bicep. He looked at me. Those brown eyes, those eyebrows, “Are you ok?” Cayden Tirrg asked with concern.

I gulped. Cayden Tirrg just saved me. My head was spinning. “Ye... yes. Thanks..” I stuttered. He smiled at me. I froze. He walked up to me and reached an arm out for me to grab. When I did, he pulled me up.

“Can you walk?” he asked. I hope not. I tried to. Damn.

“Yes” I told him shyly. Still not being able to believe who was standing in front of me.

Crack. I looked up. The water-filled semi-orb was cracking. That's not good.

“Good,” Cayden said, also looking at the display, “but I hope you can run.”

He rushed past me, grabbing my arm while he did, causing me to yelp. It was still sore from all the twisting. He didn't seem to care as he led me through the rows, over dead Prestigo fans and to the closest exit. A few of the attackers popped up in front of us and without even blinking, he pulled a pistol from the holster on his thigh and with two shots took both of them out. Where had he been when I was being force fed sweaty, man-ass?

The loud sound of shattering glass rang throughout the stadium, as the glass orb from above, let loose, tonne after tonne of cascading water. Screams sounded throughout the theatre as people rushed to find an exit, as the water crashed against the empty seats of the stadium. Flooding the rows, and rushing the bodies of the unfortunate victims through the rapids.

“What's going on?” I cried, hoping that maybe he would know.

“Tempest.” was all he said, was all he needed to say.

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  1. As awesome and action packed as I remembered! I love how the pace changes whenever Jason turns and sees the dead fan in the seat, very unsettling...