Tuesday, 28 May 2013

Chapter 3. Fantasy: Cayden I

Hello everybody! I'm posting chapter 3 here, and as soon as I'm done 4 if going up as well. This chapter's a little short, but 4 is much longer and has a very dirty Cayden scene ;)

Fantasy: Cayden I

​I scratched at my chest while the door to the captain's cabin slid open. I squinted as the lights from the hangar outside were bright and harsh, and made the rest of my room look dirty.  I reached over to the wall and slid my finger across the pad, which made a sheet of darkness slide across the glass wall, completely cutting out the lights.  With a slight smile, I set the cabin lights to their usual night time dimness.

​I groaned as I fell backwards onto my dark, reddish bed.  It was soft as I moved around, digging into it's plushness.  With a sigh, I stared at the dim-glowing bulb above me, and the the events of earlier that night started to replay in my head.

​It started with my date with Phen, who I hadn't seen in years since the last time we were together.  I really didn't want to go to the concert, as I think Prestigo's kind of a bad joke that's gone on too long.  Unfortunately Phen didn't feel the same, so like the apparent masochist that I am, I got us tickets.  Boy was that a mistake.  

​I chuckled a bit.  Finally seeing Phen again, and going to the concert made me realize why I ended it in the first place.  He was a different person entirely from when we were kids.  The Prestigo thing I could handle, his attitude though... I almost threw HIM over a balcony!

​I locked my hands behind my head in the pillow as my thoughts turned to Jason.  It was miracle I even caught the kid.  

​A smile grew on my face as I recalled his pleading to join the crew.  He's a cute kid and even though I don't know him very well, I could tell he wasn't used to being so direct.  Maybe that's why I agreed to bring him aboard.  He's gotta lot of spirit and not much else, but I better get Tai to teach him a thing or two about hand to hand.

​I scratched the back of my head and rolled over to lay on my side.  I still couldn't believe Tempest was back, and I didn't want to believe it either.  I wondered how many were killed at the concert, and if the Stripes took any of the shooters in.  It's not likely though, Tempest pawns would sooner kill themselves than talk.  I rolled over again. Why'd they have to come back?  How was it even possible?  Oman and the rest of his officers were dead.  Who could've inspired so much that they took over?  And how could they do it without The Federation knowing?

​In an effort to calm down, I closed my eyes and laid still.  I plan on meeting with the chairman tomorrow, and I'm sure that just... all of my questions will be answered.

​I laid there with my eyes closed for a while.  I don't know how long, but I realized very quickly that I wouldn't be getting any sleep tonight.  Too much goin' on in my head.  Which led me to wonder if anyone in Firmus, or the rest of The Federation for that matter would sleep either.

​With a sigh, I sat up on the edge of the bed and scratched my scruff.  I wondered how Jason was doing.  Poor kid lost his parent's to Tempest, “I know what that's like...” I mumbled as I stood and walked the door.  If I wasn't going to sleep, I could at least use some company, and I figured that Vars was probably still up and about.  


​When I got to the bridge I found Vars.  Jecks was with him and they were still watching the news.  “Anything?” I asked, knowing full well that the answer would be no.

​“Actually,” Vars replied as he turned to me, “yes.”

​I raised my eyebrows, “Really?”

Jecks stepped forward, arms crossed, “Yeah.  And you're not gonna like it.”

​I bit my bottom lip and folded my arms, “Really...” I moaned.  Great.  

​I stiffened, and looked to Vars, who was looking at the floor.  His eyes made contact with mine and he sighed, “Reports are saying that they took some people hostage, and you're never gonna guess who.” I stared at him, no thoughts or guesses as to who they took even ran through my head.  “Chairman's daughter, the minister from Yauve, a few Gleizean big names and some rich kid from Topezka.  They also pulled more from the crowds, but it doesn't look like they were notable, just random pickings.”

​I let out a heavy breath and walked between them to look at the floating holo, well more like stare at it.  I didn't focus on it though, Vars's news was all I could think about.  Tempest had never taken any hostages before... And the chairman's daughter?  They sure knew how to hit it big.  But this meant that they knew those people would be there... How?  And why take them?  I mean, the chairman's daughter I can understand, and maybe the minister... but the rest of them?  Especially the random audience members...  The whole situation was really starting to stress me out.

​I turned and sat on the edge of  a terminal pad.  “Chairman's really not gonna like this...” I muttered, more to myself than the others, as I was the one who'd be facing him tomorrow.

Jecks remained looking cool and icy... kind of funny for a guy we called 'Fireball' all through our childhood.  Vars looked anxious, and concerned.  “Captain,” Vars started, “we'll get 'em you know.”

​I looked at him and forced a grin, “I know” I said, and I genuinely believed that we would too.  I was just worried about how long it would take.  I was eighteen when I first went after these guys, two years after they started screwing with shit.  It wasn't until another two years later that I bagged Oman and stopped them... Or so we all thought.  But Oman WAS dead, that was for sure.  So whoever was in charge of Tempest now was someone new, and that's the scariest part.

​I tilted my head up as I heard the bridge's entry platform begin to descend, meaning the other's were back.  I stayed quiet as the two 'party animals' of the crew rose up with it.  Fozz, looked like he was having a rough night and was practically using Ollins as a kickstand to keep himself up.  Both were were smiles and laughs, chirping about how crazy Fozz got at where ever they were.  I could feel my temperature rising.  Had they even heard what happened?  

​“Looks like you two had fun.” I called to them.  They looked at me, Ollins rolled his eyes as they dragged each other over to where me, Jecks and Vars stood.  “Catch what happened over at Lurian?” I asked with a cock of my head.

​They looked at each other an Kitch stiffened under Fozz's weight, “Yeah, we did-” he started before the drunken Fozz chimed in.

​“Sh'eah... We were in the uppers,” he stopped and swallowed, “tried to... catch a taxi ov'ere but none were 'round...” he burped and I clenched my teeth.

​Ollins, the littlest prick of the crew laughed, “Yeah so we just stayed and watched the news from the bar.  Free drinks when Fozz told the bartender we were part of your crew, Cap'n!  He even gave a speech sayin' how we were gonna bag Tempest again... 'till he fell off the counter!”

​More laughs erupted from them.  I gave Jecks a side glance, his eyes were narrow.  He was mad too, and as much as I myself wanted to clock both of their heads together, I was glad he was refraining from doing so.  Vars didn't look too impressed either.  Fozz was toso drunk for me to start with him tonight, and I wasn't going there with Ollins, but I could break him some other news.

​“Well I'm glad you had such a good time.” I said with a wide smile.  “Ollins,” he looked at me through giggles.  “Try not to wake your new bunk-mate up when you go back to your room.”

​He looked at me with a dazed expression, “What?” he said.

​I raised my eyebrows with a grin, “Gotta new roommate, Jason.  Jason Hawk.  He's about your age and you'll be sharing your quarters with him from now on.”

​Ollins was stunned, Fozz thought it was great.  Fozz ruffled his hair and whispered something in his ear, which didn't please Ollins too much, who hit him in the shoulder.

​“You can't just do that without asking me first!” he cried, “Why couldn't you put him with Stone?” he demanded.

​I stood from leaning against the terminal and paced over to him.  I looked down at the kid, towering over him.  “First of all, It's my ship and I am your captain.  If I say he's your new roommate, he is.  And I think you know why I can't put him with Stone.”  I spoke sternly and was sure to look him right in his eyes.  He shook his head and rolled his eyes.

​“What he doesn't like foolin' with guys?” he mumbled.

​I cocked an eyebrow, “Stone's the reason, not Jason.  And this isn't a punishment.  This kid's been through a lot in the past few hours, and I think you two could be friends.”  I padded his shoulder, “Now you two should go get some sleep, not much you or any of us can do tonight.”

​Ollins pulled away, I could tell he was pissed.  “Whatever... Cap'n” he snarled.  He turned to the swaying goon beside him, “C'mon Fozz, guess I'm roomin' with you tonight.” he said wrapping his arm around Fozz again.  Fozz smiled and shot his fist to the air like a cheer and took off.  Probably a good thing Ollins wasn't sleeping in his room tonight.

​I shook my head once they were gone.  Vars came over to lean against the terminal beside me.  “You really think Kitch is gonna get a long with Jason?” he said.

​I scratched my neck, “I dunno,” I replied, “I've only known Jason for a few hours, but I can tell he's a good kid. Ollins will come around.”

​“What If he doesn't? That kid can be a real shit.” Jecks asked with a snarl.

​I looked at him, “Then I'll tell him to.”


Vars and Jecks eventually went to their rooms, I don't think they slept though.  I didn't.  I wandered through Hurricane thinking, trying to prepare myself for Chairman Mertoff's rage.  I found Stone though, he was passed out in the engine room, laying naked on a sheet, with another naked guy laying on top of him.  A few bottles of cheap Topezkan wine were laying on the floor.  

​I was back in my own cabin now, sitting on the edge of my bed.  I had picked up one of the empty bottles and brought it back with me.  My mother was from Topezka, and I guess I got sentimental, even though the bottle itself had nothing to do with me other than it's origin.

​I sighed and set the bottle on the nightstand before rolling into the softness of my quite large bed.  I was captain after all, and entitled to such a luxury... or so I'm told.  It would be nice to share this bed with someone once in a while, but I don't make a habit of bringing anyone home with me though.  Doesn't mean I don't score every now and then, however..  If the attraction's there and I'm in the mood, I'll get down and dirty at a moment's notice... just not here.

​I grabbed a clump of the covers and yawned.  Why'd I have to be in one of those moods tonight? Who am I kidding, I'm a man.  I'm always in the mood, and if I wasn't so anti-getting-it-on-with-the-crew I'm sure I'd be joining Fozz and Ollins right now.  I started rubbing my swelling bulge in my pants. Guess I'm flying solo tonight.

​I pulled off my gloves and tossed them to the floor. I undo my belt buckle, zipper and pull down my pants and briefs to my knees.  My cock twitches as I hold it and it grows. I close my eyes while I lay back into my pillow, and sigh while rubbing my chest with my other hand. I try to imagine (something I'm not very good at) something, anything that would get me off. I stroked, pumped and rubbed, but no matter what I did or what I thought about my mind kept wandering to Tempest.

I sighed as I felt my dick start to grow limp. I fell back into the fluff of my pillows and stared at the ceiling, trying to think of a possible first step to finding the fucking bastards. Though I don't expect it, I really hope the chairman's got a lead.

​Being in my room was just making me even more anxious, and also quite tried, so I might as well take a shower, as the sun would be up soon and the sooner I get this meeting over with the better. I yawn again and stretched my arms, catching a whiff of my very ripe armpits, making a grin grow on my face.  I didn't mind the smell, but I knew the chairman and whoever else I'd run into at Parliament sure as hell wouldn't.  I chuckled a bit as I imagined their reactions. Unfortunately though, that idea's better left as a fantasy.  Seems like most of my ideas just turn out to be just that. Fucking fantasy.


  1. cool! I wasn't expecting a character change for narration. I like the shift, will this be happening for all the characters?

  2. It will alternate between Cayden and Jason for a while, but it won't be a set pattern. I plan to give the odd POV chapters for a few other characters down the line, but that won't be for a while. I'm glad you liked it!