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Chapter 4. Morning After: Cayden II

Here's chapter 4!

Morning After: Cayden II

The sun was bright and I had to squint while I looked across the Firmus cityscape. I let out a grunt. Firmus was so boring compared to the rest of the planet. It may be the capitol of the Federation, but it's so bland in comparison to the other colonies, and even they don't seem to measure up to the flavour of the Independents. I looked down to the plaza below, where hoards of angry, confused and upset citizens stood. They looked pretty rowdy behind the invisible-barricade that the Stripes had put up to hold them back. They wanted answers too no doubt.

I pivot to the insides of Chairman Mertoff's sleekly designed office as I heard it's doors open. In front of me stood a middle aged, greying man who was in excellent shape for a politician. Heck, he was in excellent shape for any man. "Good morning, Chairman," I said with a nod as I folded my hands behind my back.

Mertoff looked ticked. "Tirrg." he grunted before marching towards me, bumping my shoulder as he passed and sat in his chair. "I haven't slept in twenty four hours, and people keep asking me questions I don't know the answers to. I'm extremely tired and pissed off... And where the hell is my daughter?!" he screamed at me.

I forced a smile and lowered my head. I had never been that big o' fan of Rork Mertoff. I voted for the other guy. But the people seemed to like him, and hey, I'd be pretty pissed off too if some assholes kidnapped my daughter and decided to fuck up my city. "Sir , I-" I started until he cut me off.

"I thought you got rid of these bastards, Tirrg! What the hell are they doing crashing into Lurian Stadium during a fucking Prestigo concert?! And why did they take the minister from Yauve, and why the hell did they take my daughter?!" he cried again.

I swallowed and closed my eyes before looking up at him, "I don't know, sir."

"Of course you don't! Nobody ever knows anything! So why don't you use that head your sweet mother gave you and try to think of a reason! Can you do that? Or did you forget it in the clouds before you landed?" the idiot Chairman yelled at me as I clenched my jaw.

I stood in silence. Even I had absolutely no idea what Tempest was up to. Other than the demolition of the Federation, of course.

"Look... I'm sorry," Mertoff said to my surprise, "Like I said, I'm tired, stressed and that makes me a bit on edge." Gee, a bit? "Just... Let me know when you find something. I do have confidence in you and your crew Tirrg, and if my guys find anything out I'll be sure that you're the first to hear it.” I stood in silence, in shock that the chairman had just apologized. “And another thing,” oh great, “We're setting up a party tonight at Firman Academy. I'll have my assistant contact you with the details soon.”

I furrowed my brow, holding back a scoff, “A party sir?” I ask.

“Yes,” he begins, “For donations of course. To assist those affected in the attack and the restoration of Lurian.” He said with a forced smile. “Some of the most influential and powerful people in the Federation will be there tonight, and the public needs to know that we remain strong.” he tells me.

“Will the 'public' be invited?” I asked with sarcasm. He glared at me.

“Just make sure you are there, and bring the rest of your lot as well.” he tells me as he folds his hands together.

I took a breath and sighed, “Of course,” before I turned on my heel to leave.

"Tirrg." I heard the man utter. I turned around. "Bring me my daughter."

I nodded before making my exit.


Despite my protest, a pair of Stripes escorted me to my speeder. I thanked them before taking off into the very busy Firmus air traffic. I smiled. Even with Tempest's attack last night, Firmus almost didn't seem phased. A small victory, but a win no doubt.

I hovered over Lurian for a while, inspecting the damage. The entire ceiling had collapsed and there was a crowed in the plaza in front of it.

The sight of the destroyed stadium made my blood boil. I can remember seeing some of my favourite bands and teams play there when I was a teenager. Lurian was incredible... had been incredible. I snorted while I quickly turned the speeder. “Fucking Tempest...” I mumbled with a growl.

I take a quick glance at the display to my right. The time reads 07:48 and I grin as I hear my stomach rumble. “Time for some grub” I say to myself as I manoeuvre the speeder through the city I know far too well. If there's one thing I missed about the old hometown it's Rakki's Diner. A breakfast from there would do me some good.

Thoughts of my childhood filled my head as I flew through familiar surroundings. The buildings were tall, polished and shiny. A soft smile grew on my face as I took a glance at the tower I grew up in, and it grew even larger when I spotted Rakki's right next to it. I chuckled. Grungy old Rakki's stood out like a sore thumb in this neighbourhood.

I sped closer before I landed the speeder and powered down in front of the diner. I could smell the food all ready and it smelled fucking great. I practically followed my nose and rushed into the smallish venue.

Rakki's hadn't changed a bit. Same old booths and tables, and same good ol' smell. It wasn't busy, but there were a few smartly dressed men sitting at the counter watching the holo screen in the corner above the till. Watching reports on the Tempest attack no doubt, while the young waitress filled up their mugs.

I marched over to the booth my dad and I used to sit at and plopped myself down. A menu would be on its way soon enough but I didn't need it. I looked out the window into the street and had to squint. Everything was metallic except for the huge fountain in the centre of the plaza. I smiled remembering my younger self playing in it.

“Hello there, what can I get you to drink? Coffee?” I heard a soft and perky voice ask while a menu was placed in front of me. I turned to the girl as I picked up the menu to hand back to her.

“Just water thanks, and I'll have the Rakki's Special please.” I said with a smile as I caught her name off her name-tag. It read “Kara”.

Kara's eyes grew wide as she gasped and looked me over while slowly taking the menu from my grasp. “You're Cayden Tirrg!” she said with disbelief.

I chucked and smiled, “Yes I am,” I replied as she clutched the menu close to her.

“Oh wow! You're even more handsome in person!” she sang before sudden remembrance of the previous nights events came rushing over her and she grew quiet. “So... are you... you know, going after them again?” she asked wide eyed.

I took a breath and closed my eyes. I really didn't wanna discuss these things right now. Not with some young waitress at least, and I was starving. “How 'bout that water?” I returned.

Kara snapped back to waitress mode and collected herself. “Oh, of course! Right away Mr. Tirrg!” she answered with a wink before turning around to walk to the order window. Until I heard her footsteps scamper back. “Uh.. what was your order again, sorry?” she asked cutely.

I smiled and turned to her, “The special. Please.” I replied.

“Right!” And she walked away.

I return to watch the fountain outside while I listen to Kara at the order window. “Rakki! You'll never guess who's here! Cayden Tirrg!” I hear her squeal to my old friend the chef. I smile knowing that Rakki's still around and kicking.

“Is he?! I need a special!” I hear the old man yell followed by a laugh as I hear and feel his footsteps approaching.

“Cayden Tirrg!” A raspy voice says as I feel a heavy hand squeeze my shoulder.

I turn to the plump old chef, “Hello Rakki” I say with a grin as I get up to hug the man.

“Where 'ave yah been boy! Been years since I last seen yah” he grumbles as he pats my back and pulls away to sit in the booth across from me.

“Well I... You know seein' the world” I tell him. “So how have you been old man?” I ask him.

He makes some sort of grunting snort sound that my father once told me is how he laughs. “Terrible! My back is achy and I still don't 'ave any grandkids!” He cried as Kara returned, placing my water in front of me. I thanked her and took a sip.

I chuckled. “Give it time” I replied while looking around, “How's business been?” I ask.

“Same as usual” he says before drawing close. “You know I don't know how much longer I can keep this place.” he whispers. My eyebrows furrow.

“What? Why, what's goin' on?” I ask with eager concern.

He leans back in the booth and huffs. “Some big shot with too much money want's to buy it, turn it into a high end clothing shop! Hah!” he says with a snort. Despite being parked in the middle of one of the wealthiest districts in the city, the thought of Rakki's ever being high end was something I couldn't picture.

“You're not gonna sell it are you?” I ask him wide eyed.

He looks at me, “Well,” he begins, “It's a lot of money, But me 'n the wife would have to move, and that's enough for me to say no! Besides, I love this place. Love the business.” he tells me with a grin.

I look at him sternly. “How much is he offering you?”

Rakki looks at me. “'About a million.” he says. I look down at my glass and turn to the window again. We sat in silence as Raaki picked at his nails. Until he shuffled out of the booth. “Well, It was nice seein' yah Tirrg, but I gotta get back to work. Stop by again sometime, and preferably before I have to sell this joint!” he says with a chuckle.

I grin at the man and nod, “Will do, Raaki. Good seeing you.”

He pats my shoulder once more as he passes and softly says, “And go get those fuckers.” I smirk as I pull out my tech-pad from my pocket. A few swipes and I'm in my credit account. I select the “Send Funds” option and choose Raaki Sharek as the recipient and enter a two followed by a handful of zeros before sending it off. I smile as I put the device back in my pocket. Raaki's isn't going anywhere.

A few minutes later and Kara sets the special down in front of me. Damn I've missed this. A plateful of bacon, sausage and potato paired with a mountain of eggs sat before me, and I could hardly wait to dig in. Simple things to make yes, but nobody makes it like Raaki.

I took a whole strip of bacon into my mouth and sighed, even more content with my donation to Raaki.

Not ten minutes later and my plate was almost completely clean. I smiled as I finally placed my fork down and took my last slip of water before letting out a refreshed “ah”. That's when the door to the diner opened and a very distressed looking man came in. He walked to the counter where another man seemed to be waiting. I watched him motion toward my direction, followed by the one that had just come in looking right at me.

Before I knew it, the man slammed his hands on the table, causing the glass to fall over. Thankfully it was empty. “What the hell, Cayden Tirrg?!” he yelled at me, sneering as he said my name.

“Can I help you?” I asked the stranger as I picked up the glass.

“Like fuck you can!” He cried, literally because he was in tears, “My daughter was killed at that concert last night! I thought we all were done with this Tempest bullshit, huh?! What do you have to say for yourself?” he was practically screaming at me now.

I just looked at him, my temperature rising. I was damn near sick of being yelled at this morning. I sighed, “Look, I'm truly sorry sir, but I-”

“My daughter's dead because of you!” he cried louder than ever.

The whole diner was looking at us now, while the stranger in front of me panted while tears ran down his face. I really did feel sorry for him, even a bit guilty but I knew that none of this was my fault. Just as I was about to retort, Raaki chimed in.

“What's goin' on here?” he grunted as he slammed his own fists against the table.

The man looked at him before pointing at me, “This 'war-hero' killed my daughter!” he cried. I scoffed.

Raaki then hit him square in the jaw, “Shut up, he didn't kill your daughter you fool! You think he's gonna let those bastards get away with this?” the chef growled. The man just sat there and whimpered. Raaki turned to me, “Tirrg, I'm real sorry about this.” he said.

“I know.” I replied before standing from the booth. “But I should be going.” I handed Rakki a handful of credits; way more than enough to cover the cost of my meal and took off, blood boiling. I marched through the streets with a scowl plastered across my face. I wish I could say that I didn't feel responsible for what happened to that man's daughter, and the rest of the Lurian victims but I can't.


I trekked through the city for what seemed like an hour, but was probably only twenty minutes. I couldn't get thoughts about Tempest to leave my head, but I had calmed down a bit since the incident at Rakki's. I sighed and looked around.

I recognized the area as a district my friends and I used to hang out in when I was younger. The arcade had been amazing back then, and I bet it was even more impressive now. I miss those seemingly carefree times.

I smiled and turned to look for a taxi to take me back to Rakki's to pick up my speeder. I sighed when I saw that there we none around. I turned on my heel and started to march in the direction from which I came, hoping to find one along the way, as I really just wanted to get back to the Hurricane.

“Oh, well,” I said aloud, “I'm sure the gang will make things interesting.”

“Make what interesting?” I hear a chipper voice call from behind me.

I turn around and see a young guy, with tan skin, big brown eyes and a red cap over his brown hair. He was dressed like the typical Firman-vermin that were so abundant in this city. I smirked, I could tell right away he was a hustler, and an exceptionally cute hustler at that. “Just a little party I have to attend tonight.” I call back, and he moves closer.

He leans against the wall with his arms folded. “Can I come?” he teases with a sexy smirk.

I cock an eyebrow and chuckle, “I wish, but the host is pretty exclusive.” I say with a grin.

He shuffles to push himself from the wall and bounces beside me. “C'mon! I bet he wouldn't mind if Cayden Tirrg brought along a pal!” he says with a toothy smile as he throws an arm over my shoulder.

I grin and reach forward to mess up the hat on his head. “You're cute kid, but I gotta go,” I tell him as I move to walk away.

“Aww, c'mon!” he called again, “I just wanna have a little fun?”

I turn to look at him again, “What kind of fun?” I ask, fully aware of what the little hustler wanted.

He smirks and comes close to grab at the tight, formfitting material of my shirt, “Oh I got a few ideas, and I bet you do to!” he grins as he tugs at my shirt and moves away, “C'mon!” he says as he tilts his head.

I chuckle as I shake my head and allow the kid to lead me through some steam that was coming up from a sewer grate, and around the corner to the back of an alley, just behind a waste unit. He doesn't hesitate to take to his knees and start to unbuckle my belt and I laugh again.

“What's so funny?” he chuckles as he looks up at me with a smirk.

“Nothing,” I say as I pat his head, “Carry on.”

He licks his lips and undoes my fly, I grin when I watch his face light up before diving into the bulge of my jockstrap. I hear him take a deep breath against my package and he pulls back to look up at me while his rubs at it. “Smells good, but I wish you hadn't showered!” he says before pulling down the front of the jock. He chuckles when my growing member bounces forward. “But I forgive yah!” he says as he wraps a fingerless-gloved hand over my meat and starts to stroke.

“Oh yeah?” I say, “Well had I known it would have pleased you, I wouldn't have! Chairman may have had something to say about it, though,” I tease and pat the teen's head as he takes me in his mouth. I let out a sigh as my eyes roll back in my head.

He pulls it out of his mouth with a “pop” and he strokes at it, “I'm way more important than Mertoff!” he laughs as he leans forward to kiss at my very hairy crotch. “I'm Zain by the way!” he says as he raises his hand.

I laugh as he looks up at me with that toothy smile, “Nice to meet you Zain,” I say as I grab the young hustler's hand and shake. He smiles and returns to my cock as I moan and place my hand on the wall of the alley to lean.

He makes loud slurping sounds as I watch his mouth bounce back and forth across my now slippery and spit-drooling cock. He pulls off to take some breaths and he's grinning ear to ear. “Man,” Zain huffs, “I can't wait to tell the guys I sucked your cock!” He says before he lunges forward to sniff and lap at my balls.

He grips at my ass and I smirk, “Are they gonna believe you?” I ask as I thrust my crotch forward at his smooth face.

Zain chuckles, “Probably not!” he says as he gobbles up my cock once more. “Wow,” he says as he pulls off again, “You're huge!”

I grin as I look down at Zain, he was so cute trying to fit all of my cock into his mouth. He came pretty close though. He had a great attitude and I decided I liked the kid. “I know a way you could prove it to your friends,” I say and he looks up at me.

“How's that?” he asks before slurping at my meat.

I cocked my head, “Hand me your com-D,” I said. He reached behind him to pull out a small, flat device and held it to me. I pushed my dick further into his mouth and sighed while I activated the video on the device and pointed it at my face, “Hello, I'm Cayden Tirrg,” I say before pointing the lens down to view Zain with his wonderful mouth wrapped around my cock.

He pulls off and grins, “And I'm Zain!” and I turn the device to myself again.

“The best little cocksucker in all of Firmus!” I say with a laugh as I shut the com-D off.

“Wow, thanks!” Zain says as he grins and takes the device and places it back in his pocket. Now, this is something I'd never, EVER do, but Zain was just too cute.

“Don't mention it,” I say with a grunt as he sucks hard at my cock head, “But that video's just for you to show your friends,” I say as I shut my eyes at a sudden burst of pleasure from Zain's lips.

He pops off again, “Of course! Anything for you, Captain Tirrg! Man, that's going to be jerk off material for years! You really think I'm the best?” he says playfully before enveloping me in his mouth again. Something tells me he was telling the truth and I rub my hand across his cap before pulling my cock from his mouth.

“How 'bout I take you for a ride?” I say as I rub the side of Zain's cheek with my leaking meat.

His eyes light up and he springs up and pulls down his shorts, revealing his bright red underwear. I smirk and turn him around to lean against the wall as I see that the briefs have a large hole cut out on his backside. He laughs and moans as I take to my knees and tickle his perky little hole with my tongue.

I push my face further against his cunt as he presses against me. I lap my tongue all around his hole before I slide it in. He continues to laugh happily as I swirl my tongue around, and I let out a muffled chuckle when I taste the remnants of someone else.

“Seem's like you already had some fun this morning,” I tease before digging back in.

He giggles with a smirk, “Hey, how else is a guy like me supposed to make a living around here?” he laughs before reaching back to grab my hair.

I bring a finger to Zain's well-used hustler-hole and it slides in effortlessly. I grin. Looks like I don't have to waste time loosening him up. “You sure, you'll be able to feel anything?” I tease and he looks back at me.

He raises an eyebrow with a wide grin, “Yeah, right!” He laughs, “I bet your'e bigger than both of them put together!” I smirk. Both he says. I guess the work of a hustler starts early in these parts.

I take to my feet and twirl him around before I bend to reach under his thighs, where I pick him up and press him against the wall. He grins and rests his legs over my shoulders and wraps his arms around them as I cradle him, before I push forward.

“Ah, yeah!” he grunts as I start to invade his slippery insides with my cock. I watch him as I sheath myself completely. He shuts his eyes tight and pants through an open smile. “Fuck yeah!” he yells as I feel him try to squeeze around me. I slowly pull out, so that just the head is inside of him before I crash forward again. I grin as I watch Zain throw his head back and laugh. Man, I lucked out with this one.

That's when I started pumping. In and out, in and out. The whole time Zain, grinning and grunting as I pummelled him against the wall. This was just what I needed.

“How's the ride, Cayden?” Zain grunted through my thrusts.

I smiled, “It's great,” I laugh as I continue pounding away. Damn he feels good.

“Wish I had a video of this!” he teases with a laugh.

I smirk and lean close to his face, “Don't push it,” I mumble before I flick at his nose with my tongue. He grins widely and moans as I push myself deep inside of him.

Zain's laughs of glee and pleasure soon echo throughout the alley as I fuck him against the wall. The whole situation is incredibly grungy, dirty and sleazy but I love it. I pant as a bead of sweat drips from my nose as I bring my face close to the crook of Zain's neck. “Fuck..” I whisper as I let out hot breaths against his skin. He trembles beneath me as he continues to clasp my neck with one hand, and stroke himself under his briefs with the other.

“Oh... shit!” He moans as he starts to groan and I feel him grow tight around me. I look and watch eagerly as his cum oozes through the fabric of his underwear while I continue my thrusts. Fuck I'm getting close.

Zain sighs as he returns his arm to grip tightly around my neck, pulling me further into him as he lets out laughs between pants, “Fuck...” he moans.

I can feel myself building to release with my balls growing heavy, and my thrusts for growing faster with each pump, “Where do you want it? Mouth?” I pant to the hustler and he grins again.

“Naw man, breed me for sure! I'll just eat it later when I'm home!” he cries happily and I cant help but smile as I let out a grunt, and grow even closer to cumming. “That's it! C'mon big guy!” Zain cheers as I pelt him harder than ever.

“Ahhh! Fuck!” I cry through clenched teach as I bury myself deep within him and press him hard against the wall. I shake as I cum hard inside the boy, firing round after round of my piping hot jizz out of my pulsing cock. He laughs and I feel him squeeze around me again as he tries to milk me of all I've got. I smirk as I pant and start to slowly churn with small thrusts, until I've emptied myself completely. “God-damn...” I groan as continue to leak, “I hope those guys payed you well.” I tell him as I push deep again, and let my twitching meat rest.

Zain shrugs and grips me tighter with a wide smile, “Damn big guy, that was some load!” he says with a giggle, “Felt like a bullet popped off in there!”

I chuckle as another bead of sweat drips off my nose and lands on his cheek. I reach down to kiss it, “So how much is this gonna cost me?” I ask as I hold him still.

He laughs loudly, “Hah! I should be paying you!” he says with a grin, “Don't worry about it, just go get those Tempest bastards and we're even!” he winks.

I smile as I slowly start to pull out, “Hey watch it!” he yells as a little bit of my cum drips out and splats on the ground, “I'm saving that! He laughs.

“Sorry,” I chuckle as I carefully remove myself from his hole, with only a little bit of cum following me out.

I set him down and he grabs onto me as his legs wobble. “Woah, you really nailed it, huh?” he laughs as he reaches down to grab his shorts and pull them up.

I chuckle as I pull up my pants and do up my belt. “Well, thank you Zain. Been a pleasure!” I say as I mess up his hat again and turn away, “But I've gotta find a taxi to take my back to my speeder.”

“I can take you!” he chimes as he fixes his hat. “I've got a bike back at my place,” he tells me and I turn around. “Plus if you ever wanna come back for more, you'll know where to look!” he laughs with a wink.


The trip to Zain's bike combined with the ride back to my speeder probably took the same amount of time as would've if I had walked. However, after a fuck like that I was in no mood to complain.

He laughed as I hopped from the back of his bike as it hovered. “Figure's you'd be hanging out in these parts,” he says as he offers me a smile,

“Thanks for the ride, Zain,” I smile, “Check your back pocket,” I tell him.

He reaches back and his face lights up as he feels the metal chips filling his shorts, “Holy shit! No, man I said don't worry about it!” he cries as he starts to pull them out.

I hold up my hands, “It's for the ride back,” I wink as I turn on my heel. “And remember, that video's for you only!” I call as I march off.

I hear him laugh, “Thanks a lot!” He calls as I hop into the yellow speeder and power it up. I take one last glance at him in the mirror and smile as I take off. Now if I could get a work out in before the party I'd be set.

Thankfully, the flight back to the Hurricane was short. Despite air traffic being surprisingly busy, I decided to detour and save my self a good hour getting back.

I powered down the speeder and hopped out. The cargo bay was dim and full of meal crates, mechanical equipment, some artillery and the two speeders. My boots made loud clunking sounds while I moved across the hard-metal floor before making my way to the Hurricane's weight room and gym, which had been a necessary addition with all the testosterone on board.

Though it was early, I was surprised when I didn't find even one of the crew's many muscle-heads in there already pumping iron. It was odd to see this room empty, though for the time being I welcomed it. I set the holo to show the news and began my work out with some pull-ups.

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