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Chapter 11. Custodial: Jason VII

Without further delay, Chapter 11! I included a little "PREVIOUSLY..." to help refresh after so long.


Chaos at the stadium shakes the entire planet, as Tempest, a thought to be abolished terrorist organization lets its presence known and attacks a concert held by Arum superstar Prestigo in The Federation capitol, Firmus. Jason Hawk, a young thief orphaned by the very same forces is saved through the pandemonium by the very hero that took them down 6 years prior, Cayden Tirrg. At Jason's request, Cayden allows him to join his crew aboard the Hurricane, a massive airship that Cayden captains. There, Jason meets first mate Torbul Jecks, Tai Ossapa, Uric Vars, Maffan Machotta, Dorian Fozz, Ryk “Stone” Reeves and finally his new cabin-mate Kitch Ollins. Most of the crew welcomes Jason, while Torbul causes him some trouble. At a party guised as a relief fundraiser for victims of the previous night's attack, Cayden Tirrg makes a speech and vows to once again find and end the terror caused by Tempest.

The following day the Hurricane leaves for Muspar, the crater city where Cayden hopes to uncover some clues. He pays a visit to one of Tempests former scientists, now fight-club owner, Yahn Izzara, accompanied by Maffan Machotta and Jason Hawk. There, he learns that Valak Oman, the deceased leader of Tempest had a son. Information that cost Yahn his life at the blade of a Tempest assassin disguised as a dancer, who renders both Cayden and Maffan temporarily paralyzed from the neck down by pressing a button on her wrist cuff. Jason Hawk saves the day and neutralizes the threat, earning praise from both Cayden and Maffan as well as Yahn's son, Barim. Upon taking the cuff back to the Hurricane, Kitch Ollins and Uric Vars are tasked with uncovering how it works, and possibly even making replicas for the crew.

Custodial: Jason VII

My eyes were tired and itchy. I yawned as I rubbed at the sleep, which I had gotten absolutely zero hours of last night. I let out a sigh as I looked across to where Kitch should have been, but he wasn't. He hadn't been there all night, probably found some sweet piece of Musparian man-meat to play with... lucky bitch.

I finally threw my legs over the side of the bed and scratched my head. I wanted to lay back down and try to get some sleep, but I doubt Cayden would approve of that. I forced myself to spring upwards, and stumbled as I hobbled to the closet. My hair was flat but I really didn't feel like showering. After some rummaging I pulled out an emerald green top, with some tiny, black shorts that really hugged. After throwing on the outfit, I tried to salvage some sort of acceptable hair-do, slipped on some boots and gloves, and left the cabin.

Hunger. That's what I was feeling right now, as my loud, rumbling stomach seemed to perpetually state as I made my way to the kitchens. Maybe Kitch will be there, he's gonna want to hear about yesterday.

Unfortunately, when I got to the kitchen, it was empty, which made me somewhat sad, and a little happy. I was free to stuff my face entirely, but had no one to distract me from the images of the night before. I huffed. Oh well, food is the best comfort... or so they say.


After stuffing my face of nearly everything the kitchen had to offer, I made my way through the Hurricane in search of some form of life. Where the fuck is everyone? They aren't on the bridge. I've checked the bathroom and gym, and unless they are all in bed they must have left. Then I remembered. The cuff.

“There he is!” Kitch cried as the doors split apart and I walked inside of Uric's lab, a blast of cold air hitting me on the way through. Blue lights lit up the room and I smiled as he ran up to me. “That thing is amazing! Thanks for bringin' it back! Heard about what happened yesterday, nice!” He said with a wink and pat of my back.

I let out a nervous laugh and cough before scanning the room. The only ones missing were Toubul, Tai and Stone, but everyone else was here. Cayden was giving me a huge grin. “Glad to see you're up.” he said with folded arms.

I looked down, “Uh, yeah.” I laughed, maybe I had slept more than I was aware. I straightened up as he moved over to me, while Kitch left to run back to the table.

Cayden placed a hand on my shoulder before turning to lean against a rail beside me, “Vars and Ollins think they can make a few more of these things, one for each of us.” he tells me.

That was actually kind of cool, “Really?” I asked looking over to the pair of tinkerers.

Uric looked up at me, “I believe so.” he started, “But we will need the parts.”

“Which we can get in the city while we're here!” Kitch chimed in.

Uric nodded, “This is correct.”

I couldn't help but smirk, Uric was so uptight it was hilarious.

“Perfect,” Cayden said, “You'll take care of that today.” he turned to me, “You should go with them,” he said quietly, “It'd be a great distraction.” He smiled. I looked at him and just nodded. “And, Jason's going with you.”


Cayden was right. The trek into the city was a great distraction. Now instead of yesterday's events plaguing my mind, it was the sweltering heat that I was focusing on. Holy shit it was hot, and the streets packed full of bronzed, exotic walking sex-gods was only making me feel hotter. Not even the skimpiness of my outfit seemed to help. Still, I kept the small, compact-gun in my pouch. After last night I don't think I'll ever go anywhere without it.

I have to admit, it's fun watching Kitch and Uric together. The tension on Uric's end is painfully obvious and Kitch is just like a puppy. Yet when they both get their hands on some tech it's like Uric's walls drop and they both squeal and giggle over a microchip. It's cute.

We stood in a humid, stuffy gadget store that looked more than a little run down. The blue lights twinkled and I could hear faint “beeps” coming from everywhere. Uric and Kitch were talking to the woman at the desk, who in my opinion looked more intimidating then anyone else I've seen today and I made sure to keep my distance.

We'd been at this routine for a few hours now. Searching every little shop, boutique, shack... Any place that Kitch or Uric thought may have the parts they needed while I leaned against a barren wall and waited. I had no idea what they were talking about, or looking for. Tech-stuff isn't really my thing.

I let out a tiny sigh and moved myself to face the bustling streets. There was an odd smell in the air, but it was nothing compared to the stench of some of the streets in Firmus. I turned to watch Uric and Kitch “bartering” with the woman.

“Are you crazy!? 80 credits each? We don't want the whole thing, just the chip!” Kitch cried at the shopkeeper, causing me to smirk as I watched Uric stiffen.

A laugh came out of me as I turned around again. Kitch certainly can be just a little bit belligerent at times.

“Tell me you're not a tech-freak like those twats.” An unfamiliar and cool sounding voice chirped to my right. I scoffed and got ready to let the asshole have it.

“Actually those are my friends...” I said as a not-so-menacing rebuttal. The guy was wearing a white hat, with enormous dark reflective shades on, and though I couldn't really make an exact estimate, he looked to be not much older, or bigger than me. He also had some of the most adorable dimples ever.

The stranger smirked and came a little closer and I started to get warmer. “Well I think you need some new friends.” he said cooly as a stupid smile grew across my face.

“Like who?” I teased as I turned my body to face him.

He was quiet for a moment. “You're definitely not from Muspar, huh?” I shook my head. “You look like one of those 'capitol sluts' we all hear about.” he told me with a chuckle.

My grin didn't even falter as he crept even closer to me.

“Am I right?” he muttered.

“About what?” I answered.

“You being a slut?” he said with the most arrogant smirk I'd ever seen.

My own grin just grew bigger. Is it bad that his attitude was turning me the fuck on?

He chuckled, “C'mon.” he chirped before spinning around and walking away.

“What? Where?” I blurted, suddenly remembering that I probably shouldn't leave Kitch and Uric.

Mr. Cocky turned around and laughed, “Well you want some dick, don't ya?” before turning back around and marching on.

Yes. I did. But I also didn't want to leave Kitch and Uric. I turned to look at them, still arguing with the woman at the counter. Eh, I'll be quick.

With a quick spin, I scurried to catch up with the mystery stud. “My name's Jason.” I said as he led me around the corner and through the busy street.

“Here we go.” He muttered as he pulled me into this abandoned and dirty looking... shop? It was hard to tell what the place used to be, it was pretty barren of everything but dust particles floating in the sunlight.

Mystery guy didn't waste any time at all, pinning me hard against the wall and attacking my neck with his mouth. I let out a mixture of a laugh and a moan as his hot lips and tongue slithered all over me. My hands moved to his hips and I hustled to unclasp the belt which was keeping those extremely loose pants up, but before I could finish, I was flipped around and he pulled my shorts down at lightning speed before diving in with his face. After that he reached around and grabbed at my dick while his tongue went to work on my hole.

My hands became fists as I bit at my bottom lip. This kid was fast and surprisingly animalistic. Growling, and drooling and hardly coming up for any air.

He let go of me to pry apart my cheeks, exposing my well wetted and swollen hole. “Fuckin' wow!” he cried before hurling forward again to lap away at me. A stupid grin grew on my face and I arched my back to push my ass further onto his tongue.

He stayed there between my cheeks, eating away for quite some time. I heard him undo his pants and turned to see him furiously jerking his dick. I licked my lips and tried to turn to put my own mouth to work, but his strong hands had clamped me in place and he was determined to finish his meal. I huffed. What about my meal? I guess I shouldn't be complaining, the guy's tongue was doing a pristine job down there.

“Can't wait to get in this thing!” He chirped eagerly as he reached into a pocket and pulled out a small lube tube. My breaths were heavy as I watched him pour some of the liquid over his decent-sized man-meat. I swallowed and turned to rest my forehead against the dry, dusty wall. His sticky hands grabbed at my waist while I felt the tip of his dick press against my hole.

“Ahh!” Escaped me as a moan, when he wrapped an arm around my neck and rocketed forward. I bit my lip as inch by inch, his cock pushed deeper inside.

Both of our knees buckled a bit when he was finally all-in. “Oh fuck, Jason...” he grunted before reaching to grab at my rod, his own pulsing within me. I smirked and pushed back, grinding into him and I felt his hot mouth on my neck once more. Things escalated pretty quickly. There weren't many slow and timely thrusts, the guy was like a rabbit. I think it was because of the heat.

In the midst of his pounding, and sucking of my neck, and my excessive moans, I noticed some people passing us by. Some looked at us, some didn't, but either way they didn't seem to give a shit. I grinned some more.

“Gah!” I yelped as I reached down to grip at his wrist. He was stroking me so fast and his thrusts were hard, I wasn't sure how much longer I'd be able to last.

“C'mon, cum...” he grunted next to my ear and I swallowed as I felt him start to nibble at it. I clenched my fist and hit the wall as he gripped my waist and started to drill fast, grunting and moaning like no tomorrow.

A bead of sweat fell from my nose and I went over the edge. “Ahh!” I cried as I seized up, clamping down hard around the cock inside me and thrusting backward. The guy's hand had returned to my dick as I shot spurt after spurt at the wall. I heard him laugh just before he nibbled at my shoulder.

His breath was steaming as he gasped, “Oh shit!” and pummelled me hard, shooting his piping hot wad inside me. “Fuck!” he cried while he spasmed, causing me to smirk and let out the sluttiest moan I could muster. That's when he pulled me back by the hair and slammed his mouth onto mine. It took me a bit off guard, but I reciprocated and moaned again, before engaging in a little tongue-war.

'Blup-blup-blup', 'blup-blup-blup'. My eyes instantly shot open.

“Shit!” I cried as I pulled away from... him and reached to my pouch to pull out my buzzing com-D. I didn't need to check to know who it was.

“Where the fuck are you, Hawk?!” Kitch's voice bellowed from the screen. I let out a nervous laugh as my fucker started to munch at my neck, coming into Kitch's view on the device. I started to redden as I watched a grin creep across Kitch's face. “Hah! I should've guessed! Thank Gods you're ok, Cap'n was about ready to hand me my ass!” he chirped with a wink.

I smiled, “Uh, yeah... Sorry I kind of... Got distracted.” I said shakily as the softening dick in my ass suddenly plops out, followed by the sound of rustling pants.

“Just get back to the ship, we've got everything we need to start making the cuffs!” Kitch said with glee before hanging up.

I took a breath before turning around. “Sorry, this was fun but I-” I began, only to see that I had once again been the victim of a hit-and-run. I scoffed and rolled my eyes before bending over to pull up my shorts. Hopefully I can just remember how to get back to the docking station...


“What were you thinking?!” Cayden's voice boomed throughout the bridge, needless to say he wasn't too pleased with me separating from Kitch and Uric to get screwed by a stranger. “Didn't last night teach you anything, Hawk?” My brows furrowed and I shifted my eyes from the floor to his. That was the first time I had ever heard him call me by my last name.

I only looked at him, I really didn't know what to say and it made me even more embarrassed. Why was I embarrassed? I don't know, but the look Cayden was giving me was probably a factor. “I-I'm sorry,” I croaked, almost like it was a question.

The captain huffed but didn't say anything. He scratched the back of his head before he seemed to loosen up. “Don't... don't worry about it.” He says with a grin, which I can tell he forced. He takes a breath before stepping closer to me. “Sorry Jason it's just...” he pauses and I can't help but smile a little when he calls me by my first name. “You've only just joined us, and we haven't even come close to real danger yet and you still aren't exactly combat-ready.” He comes closer and I swallow as he puts his hand on my shoulder again. “I just don't want anything to happen to you, I need you... We need you!” He says with a forced laugh and I smirk.

“And what exactly do 'we' need me for?” I tease, but seriously has he found me a duty yet?

He chuckles and this time I know it's real. “Well uh...” he begins, only to be interrupted by the only person on the ship I'd rather not be around.

“What about custodial?” Torbul calls over as he moves over to us. I can't believe Cayden made HIM first mate. And custodial... Really?

“Cleaning?” I murmur almost sarcastically. Cayden says nothing.

“Well, Tirrg? You're always denying my request for a cleaner-droid, well now we got one.” Torbul says with a sneer. Albeit a sexy sneer. However, the asshole did just call me a droid, so I'll repress that thought.

Cayden chuckles and I want to hit him. “That's actually not a bad idea, Jecks.” he turns to me. “Just make sure to try at it a little harder than you do your hair!” He laughs before ruffling my make-shift hairdo and walking off, causing me to physically cringe and reach to hold my dishevelled head. I turn to face him, mortified by what he had just done and he just chuckles before leaving me alone with “Jecks” in the bridge.

“You can start with my quarters.” Torbul utters. I slowly turn to face him, distain plain across my face. I hate him.


After Torbul kindly showed me the utility closet where the cleaning supplies were, I grabbed them and he lead me to his cabin. Cleaning duty for the Hurricane wasn't exactly what I was hoping for when I wanted to come along with Cayden. Although I'm not really in any position to object.

Torbul entered to code to his cabin and the doors hissed open. I stepped inside, my arms full. Wow. The space was probably one of the most fanciest, sleekest rooms I'd ever seen. Everything was either pale blue, black or silver and not a thing was out of place.

I turned to Torbul as the doors behind us snapped shut. “What the fuck? What exactly do you want me to clean here?” I chirp at the idiot.

He smirks and steps closer to me, “Put that shit down.” He mutters and I make a face as he moves to the bed before looking back at me and locking his eyes with mine. “I've got something that could use a polish.”

I swear if it's one of his shoes I'm going to flip. “And what's that?” I say unimpressed. That's when he reaches to his belt, and starts to unbuckle it. I freeze and stiffen as I watch him. Of course.

“You really think I would let you in here for anything else?” He chuckles as his shorts drop to the floor. I look at the enormous bulge bundled up between his legs and I bite my lip. I break my gaze when Tobul throws his vest off and fiddles to free his legs from the shorts before tossing them away. He stood before me in nothing more than his yellow briefs. Damn it Torbul was sexy.

He throws himself onto his neatly made bed and knowingly sprawls himself out into a seductive position with one of his hands resting behind his head, exposing a dark armpit and causing me to bite my lip even harder. “Well? I said put that shit down, and get over here and suck my dick.” He says in a commanding tone. Something which my little-whore-self has always reacted positively to. Only an hour since my run-in with the street-stud and I was already going to get some more dick... even if it WAS Torbul's.

I hurriedly placed the cleaning shit down and worked at pulling my own clothes off, when I was in nothing my my little black shorts I took a breath and cautiously made my way to Torbul's bed. He looked at me with a piercing glare and a cocked eyebrow and I couldn't help but stare at his exposed underarm while he rubbed at his growing bulge.

“Get that stupid look off your face and get it down here.” He commanded again. Quite the authoritarian Torbul was. I ignored his insult but climbed onto the bed, lowering my face to his crotch. He gave his bulge one last rub before leaning back into the pillows and closing his eyes. A sexy smirk creeping across his sexy, fabulously bone-structured face.

I couldn't help licking my lips while I set Torbul's torpedo free. It twitched as it started to grow, just as mine did as I started to grind into the bed. Torbul was more trimmed and kept together than most guys, which after seeing his room does not surprise me. While I preferred a more untamed southern region to explore with my tongue, dick was dick, and hot was hot.

I pressed my mouth forward to the base of his shaft and let out a breath before I started to tongue at the base. His sack was loose and heavy as I moved to lap it up before taking one of each of his giant balls into my mouth for a “polish”. He was standing at about full attention as I started to nibble at the sack-skin, and I looked up to see his icy stare. He didn't say anything, and neither did I before I quickly moved my lips from his balls to the tip of his enormous rod. I flicked my tongue at the slit, trying to encourage the pre to start oozing until finally taking the head in my mouth. I sucked hard and Torbul shuddered, causing me to let out a small muffled laugh.

I continued to inhale his cock, swirling my tongue underneath the tip inside my mouth. I'm not the cleanest of cock-suckers, and I was already drooling all over Torbul's tool. Still, my mouth moves forward, until I've engulfed all of the first-mate's swollen dick inside my mouth and throat, my nose pressed into his well-groomed pubes. That's when he lets out a grunt and moves his hands to hold me there.

“Oh yeah!” he calls as he presses me harder into his crotch. I try to pull back, but it's no use against Torbul as he keeps me there, cock-drooling down my throat. A weird muffled noise escapes me, followed by a cough as Torbul finally lets me come up for air, and a river of drool waterfalls from my mouth and onto his crotch. “I knew you could deep-throat.” he states with a smug grin, “I'll be making a direct deposit to your stomach later, but first...” he began as he shuffled to raise his thick, muscled legs and expose his hole. “Something else needs a spit-shining.”

He looked at me with his signature smirk as my eyes glazed over his air-tight hole. It was of course hairless but still so very hot. I reached my arms around to grip Torbul's thick thighs and I dove in. I dragged my tongue from his tailbone all the way to the base of his cock, making it slick before spitting on his hole. Torbul shuddered again when I started to prod with my tongue, and his hand once again came to grip at my head as I continued to munch away.

He was like a quivering blob of muscle, and it was just as amusing as it was arousing. I was grinding the bed hard as I gave my all at eating Torbul's ass. It was fun watching him squirm. Mental note: Anytime I want to shut Torbul up, just spread his cheeks apart and chow down.

“Ehhh...” He moaned as he started to writhe, his fingers grasping at a tuft of my even more dishevelled hair. I pressed my tongue harder, invading his hole and gipped his thighs even tighter. This was probably the best rim job I've ever given, Torbul sure as shit better appreciate it.

I was humping his bed harder now, watching and listening to Torbul moan in ecstasy at my own hand... er, tongue was super hot. I could tell he was getting close. Hell, who wouldn't be at this point. I quickly reached to lap up a bead of precum that had started to run down his shaft before I engulfed him entirely in my mouth again.

“Woah, hold it!” Torbul grunted. I froze and looked up at him in confusion, his cock twitching in my throat.

“Hmm?” I mumbled over his penis. Then he reached down and pried me off of his dick.

“Flip over.” He commanded as he took from the bed to stand at the side, all while pulling me to face him and flipping me over himself.

“What are you doing?” I ask in annoyance, I really wanted to make him cum there. Now I was on my back, looking up at him, his leaky dick pointing straight at my nose.

“Open up.” He said before moving to press his dick at my lips, but my mouth was like an automatic door for cock, and he entered with no resistance. He gripped his hands around my neck as he pushed forward, I inhale as much as I can before he sheaths himself completely down my throat. I tense up as he lets out a satisfied sigh while he rubs a hand over my neck. “I'm starting to enjoy having you aboard, slut.” he snickers before he slowly pulls out, bringing rapids of my spit with him.

I cough as my hot saliva runs down my face and take short breaths before he invades my throat again. He grips on my neck and starts to thrust. He knows I'm an expert cock-sucker, and he's going to use me as such. He grunts again as he lets me take a breath before hammering my face once more. My own dick is rock hard in the confines of my little black shorts and I start to thrust at the sky, as if to say to Torbul, “please, touch me” but the dumbass never does.

“Damn, Hawk,” he grunts as he buries himself as deep as he can down my esophagus, “You're like the stupid-little-fuck-toy I never knew I needed.” He moans again and his thighs clamp even harder at the sides of my head. “Ah! Oh this is going to be nice...” He says, more to himself I'm guessing. I prepare myself and he starts to use my throat harder. His thrusts are faster and shorter as I feel his hands grip my throat tightly. Tears are forming at my eyes as I hear him cry out. “Gahhh! Fuck!”

I feel my chest burn as his steaming hot load rockets from his cock. He does a few tiny thrusts and continues to shoot ropes and ropes of his semen down my throat and into my stomach, making as he called it “a direct deposit” of sperm into my core. My cheeks burn as he continues to unload. We both are shaky as he starts to slowly pull from my throat and continues to drool his dna inside my mouth. I can taste it as I run my tongue around his head while I frantically try to catch my breath, some of his cum escaping my lips to run down my face.

He moans again as he pulls his cock from my mouth and drags it over my cheeks and nose, leaving a light trail of cum and he laughs. “Well shit...” he mumbles as I flick my tongue at him again. He pulls back to rest and takes heavy breaths. I do the same as we look at each other.

A smile grows on my face as I turn over again to sit on all fours, “So what now?” I ask, eager to cum as well and hoping he's got enough juice left in him to fuck me.

“Now?” he scoffs with a smirk. “I shower and you clean my sheets.” he says as he turns and starts to walk away.

“Wha?” I say dumbly, “What about me?!” I cry out at him.

“I don't know where that ass as been. Oh wait, I do.” he laughs, “I dont want some Musparian street-rat's seconds, and you better not be here when I'm done!” He calls back to me before the doors snap shut behind him. Asshole.

“Fucking asshole..” I grumble as I roll back onto his bed, still a horny and sticky mess. I shouldn't be too surprised I suppose. I turn my head away from where Torbul went and I look at the ground where our clothes, the cleaning stuff and Torbul's sneakers that he loves so much were sitting. A devilish smile crept across my face as I got an idea.

I leapt from the bed and picked one of Torbul's shiny red sneakers up. “I wonder how Torbul would take to jizz on his shoe.” I say to myself with a chuckle while pulling down my shorts, finally releasing my swollen dick. A sigh escapes me as I sit down on the bed, the sneaker in one hand, my dick in the other.


After leaving my mark on Torbul's sneaker, I quickly made my escape from his room and made my way to the kitchen. Kitch and Uric were there and it made me smile. The two were kinda cute together, especially when they were talking tech. Much like they were now, when I asked them about the bracelets we... er they spent the day finding parts for.

“It's gonna be awesome! The bracelet's amazing, but I think we can improve it, make some additions and stuff!” Kitch chimed before continuing to stuff his face. I laughed before taking a bite of some unknown, but delicious, bird-meat.

Uric was watching Kitch intently, he even had a smile as he chewed his food. “Kitch thinks he can modify the cuff to include bullet-deflection and com-D capabilities.” He says while cutting some fruit.

Kitch immediately opened his food-full mouth. “I don't think, I know!” He cries with a piece of half-chewed meat falling out. He quickly skewers it with his fork before putting it back in his mouth to swallow. “Normally bullet-deflectors are pretty hefty, but I've been working on making a compact one and I know I can get it!”

I watch as Uric chuckles and smiles at Kitch, something which if I was Kitch would make me melt. “I have faith in you.” he tells him, followed by the sound of the kitchen doors sliding open.

“So do I bud!” A happy voice calls out as heavy boots clunk against the floor.

“Fozz! Where the hell have you been?” Kitch practically squeals and I cant help but notice Uric's smile fade as he lowers his head to look at his plate.

Fozz moves to grab himself a huge piece of dried meat from the fridge. “You know me,” Me begins before gnawing at the piece, “Had to check out the local Musparian talent while I was here.” He made a face and looked at me, “Am I right, Jason?” He swallowed and started to chuckle.

I felt my cheeks redden just a little as a smirk crept across my face. “I uh...”

“Oh come on, “ Fozz teased as he swaggered closer to the table, “Everyone heard about your little adventure, had one or two of my own today too!” He finished with a laugh and a ruffle of my hair. Why the fuck to people keep doing that.

I swat at his wrist and slouch in my seat, “Dammit how many people did you tell, Kitch?” I whine as I shoot around to look at my roommate.

“Hey I didn't tell him!” Kitch snaps before chomping down on a forkful.

“Jecks com'd me,” Fozz says before plunking himself down on the booth next to Kitch and wrapping an arm around him, “heard Tirrg was pretty pissed. He didn't go too hard on you, eh Hawk? If he did I'll knock him good!” Fozz teases before shredding more of the jerky.

I giggle and look at my plate of meat and some veggies. “Well, I am on cleaning-duty now, but that's more of Torbul's fault.” I say thinking back to the event.

“Well I'll have to knock him then too!” He laughs again, “And while we're on the subject of knocking...” he begins before gripping Kitch harder and pulling him close, moving to speak in his ear. “Why don't I take Mr. Tech-wizard back to my room and knock him up?” he murmurs with a playful bite and nibble of Kitch's ear, to which Kitch just starts to laugh, loving every second. “Hawk, Vars? Care to join us?” Fozz asks with raised eyebrows.

Uric replies immediately in the most hilarious unamused tone I'd ever heard, “No thank you.” I just shake my head.

“Suit yourselves!” Fozz blurts as he takes to his feet and pulls Kitch up, hauling him over his shoulder and giving him a spank and moving to leave. “If you change your minds you know where to find us!” He calls as he takes the giggling gadget junkie out of the kitchen to “knock up”.

It was hard to keep the smile off my face, but when I turned back to look at Uric it wiped clean off. I think I just figured out why Uric was previously so distant from Kitch.

“Uh...” I began, “Are you ok?” I ask him. He looks a mixture of pissed off and sad.

He takes an aggressive bite of some fruit and chews it in the same manner before swallowing. “I'm fine.” he utters before doing it again. I raise an eyebrow and stare at him till he caves. “Fine.” He surrenders before putting his fork down and looks past me to the door which Fozz just walked through carrying Kitch. “He treats him like shit.” he says, and it takes me back a little. Simply because Uric said “shit” and I thought he was too proper to curse. “Kitch deserves better.”

I swallow as he goes back to his meal, I don't really know how to respond, but before I can he continues.

“It's completely obvious that Kitch is in love with him, and he knows it. Yet he still treats him like a convenient place to put it whenever he feels the urge.” He says with a scoff. I look at him in silence as he starts eating again and I start to think.

“I guess... maybe he...” I start before I sigh, “maybe he's just hoping that,” I halt as if I'm about to reveal a secret, which I kind of am, “if he's really good, then he will love him back.” I say with a forced smile.

Uric looks at me before letting out a sarcastic laugh and I furrow my eyebrows. “Is that what you're hoping for when you do it?” he shoots at me and I swear for one second I was talking to Torbul.

“What?” I croak, taken back.

Uric shakes his head, “I... I'm sorry Jason.” he says before looking at me with concern and reaching to place his hand on my wrist. “Please, forgive me?”

I look down at his hand, then his eyes and I can tell he's genuine. I only nod, I'm still a bit rattled at what he just said. I turn to look at where Kitch was sitting before, his plate of scraps still there on the table and Uric's condescending statement replaying in my head again.

“Sometimes.” I mutter.

“Sometimes?” Uric asks.

“Sometimes I'm hoping,” I say while I look him straight in the eye, “that if I let them fuck me, that maybe they'll like, or even love me.” My face is red and I can see Uric tense up. I turn away to take one last bite of a crunchy green veggie. “Other times I just want to fuck because it feels good and I like sex.” I get up from my chair and pick up my plate, “Who knows, maybe Kitch feels the same. Guys do generally find sex moderately enjoyable.” I snap while turing to place the dish in the sink. “Night, Uric.” I say as I step through the kitchen doors into the hall, leaving Uric alone with nothing but Kitch's scraps on the plate beside him.

My cheeks were burning and I kind of felt bad, but I was more surprised at what Uric had said, well, not really what he said, but how he said it was what irked me.

“There you are,” I hear the captain's voice say, causing me to raise my head form the floor to look up. “Is something wrong, Jason?” he asked in almost a whisper.

Nervously I chuckle, “No, why do you ask?” I say with a scratch at the back of my head.

Cayden smiles and crosses his arms. I love it when he does that. “So what kind of work did Torbul put you up to?” My eyebrows raise and I freeze.

My cheeks are almost blood red and I nervously giggle some more like an idiot. “Oh you know... Just uh... Cleaned his cabin up a bit!” I finish with a feeble laugh before diverting my eyes. Did Torbul tell him something? I doubt it. But then again I did shoot all over his shoe.

I look up at Cayden, who's got one eyebrow raised and the other lowered. Looking at me like I'm exactly the idiot I feel like right now. “You what?” he asks sternly.

I swallow a little, “Uh, cleaned his cabin?” I say like a question.

Cayden sighs and shakes his head a little, “What a fucker...” he laughs, “You didn't need to do that, Jason. Only things you need to worry about are the shared spaces. Let Jecks clean up after his own damn self.” He finished with a laugh.

I chuckled some more and became even more pissed at Torbul. I hope I leave a huge stain on his shoe. “Uh, ok, good to know!” I laugh again.

Cayden smiles at me again, “You just eat?” he asks with the tilt of his head.

I quickly nod my head, I didn't really want to go back into the kitchen after storming out on Uric, even if it meant eating with Cayden.

“Ah well,” He begins before moving past me, brushing my shoulder with his arm as he did, “Should rest up then. We're headed to Topezka tomorrow to pay Ricard Vanaff a visit.”

My ears perk up and I turn to look at him, “Ricard Vanaff? Like, Marik Vanaff's dad?” I almost squeal. Marik Vanaff was just voted “Arum's Most Gorgeous Guy” and was always on the holo for something.

Cayden looks at me amused, “That's him,” he kind of mumbles, “Marik was taken hostage at Lurian when Tempest hit it, Ricard's made contact and wants me to drop in. I'm hoping he knows something, and if we're lucky, maybe a message from Tempest has been sent his way and Kitch can attempt to track it.” He turns to the sliding kitchen doors, “Night, Jason.” he says with a smile before they pull apart.

“Night!” I say as I quickly turn on my heel and march away towards my room, running what Cayden had said through my head again while excitement for the day to come started to take over me.


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