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Chapter 10. Assassin: Jason VI

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Assassin: Jason VI

It was hot. Warmer than even the hottest day I've ever felt in Firmus, but at least it was dry heat. The sky was a mix of red, yellow and orange and I could hardly contain my excitement. But along with that, I was extremely nervous. Cayden had given me a small, compact-gun in case trouble came our way. It was stowed in my pouch right now but I wish I had a hostler. Fuck, I really hope I don't have to use it.

It would have been easy for me to get lost, the streets of Muspar were dusty, and very busy. Speeders flew overhead while on the ground, carts with big-horned cattle and other people crowded the streets. Cayden kept looking over his shoulder to make sure I was still close. I grinned every time. According to Cayden, where ever we were going was close to the tower where we ported, that's why we didn't take a speeder. We had been walking now for twenty minutes.

The people we passed were all mostly tanned with dark hair and eyes. The women were gorgeous and the men were just... Wow. I couldn't help but stare. Some of them looked rather frightening though, and they were the ones that seemed to look back at me. I hurried to move up in between Cayden and Maffan.

“Almost there.” Cayden murmured as we continued to move. Where ever we were, the streets were less busy, but the people we did find all looked like gang members or something. I swallowed. Cayden looked down at me before patting my shoulder.

We came to a place with a bright red and yellow holo-sign, flashing images of two jacked muscle-men who must be fighters. The writing was obviously Musparian and I couldn't read it but I knew that this must be the place Cayden was leading us to. More thugs were in a group outside of it and I felt conflicted in the way they made me feel. Even though they made me feel uneasy, they each looked drop dead sexy and I knew that if Cayden and Maffan weren't here right now I'd be in the middle of their circle, sucking them off one by one.

I pried my eyes away as Cayden led us through the entrance, the bouncer taking one look at him and bringing a comm-tec to his mouth before giving us the gesture to move on in. Woah. The place was packed and loud, with a hexagon-shaped stage in the middle of the room with a tall cage around it. Above that, a holo projection of the two inside of the cage showed the one punch the other square in the jaw. I had to look to Cayden. The crowed was wild, and full of men just like the ones outside.

That's when this very handsome guy who was dressed amazingly approached Cayden as we got closer. “Cayden Tirrg? I'm Yahn's son, Barim.” He extended his hand to Cayden. “Please, follow me. My father is just upstairs.”

He lead us through the crowed to a staircase that was guarded by two men. They let us pass and we walked up to a room that overlooked the scene below, and was probably the most lavish thing I'd ever seen. A middle aged man with a dark beard sat on a couch that was drowning in pillows. With two buffed up guards on each side of him, and a nearly naked woman crawling all over his lap. I swallowed.

“Ah, Cayden Tirrg!” The heavy accented man called, “Please, sit.” He told us as he motioned to the large and bright pillows on the floor. Cayden marched first, followed by Maffan.

“Thank you for seeing me, Yahn.” Cayden said as he sat on a red pillow with his legs crossed. Barim took a seat on the floor next to his father, while Maffan sat beside Cayden. I looked down, there wasn't another pillow for me to sit on but I wasn't about to complain. I went to place myself down next to Maffan, when Barim hurried to my side with the biggest golden-plush-pillow I've ever seen.

“Here.” he said as he set it on the floor.

I blushed as he gave me a huge, dimply smile, complete with some of the most perfect teeth I'd ever seen. “Uh, thanks...” I murmured as I lowered myself onto the puffiness.

He was knelt beside me now, when his father, Yahn began to speak. “Of course, Tirrg. But I am afraid your visit to this city is in vain.” he murmured, entranced by the dark-haired beauty in his lap.

I watched as Barim reached across and pulled the pillow he was sitting on over to me. I felt my cheeks burn even more. He plopped himself down and leaned over to my ear. “What's your name?” he whispered.

I swallowed as my attention was diverted from whatever Cayden was saying, to the incredibly gorgeous and exotic Barim, who's voice gave me shivers. “Jason,” I said quietly as I glanced at his eyes, which almost looked red.

He grinned again and leaned closer to me. “And how long are you in Muspar for, Jason?” he muttered softly. My eyes shot to Cayden who was giving me a side glance while Yahn was busy tracing circles on his lap-dogs lips. I swallowed and casually tried to pull away from Barim and pay attention.

“I'm not sure.” I said with a smile before leaning away. Only to feel him lightly grip at my arm.

“Well I'd love to see you before you go.” he sighed with a lick at my ear. Fuck. He was just like his dad.

I turned to him and bit at my lip. I knew what he meant and I really, REALLY wanted to take him up on the offer. But right now, Cayden was discussing intel with a former Tempest big name and if I am ever going to prove myself to him I better stop acting like the little whore from the stadium... or at least pretend not to be. “Sorry... I-” but thats when Yahn clapped his hands and muttered something in Musparian. The two buff-guards left, and Barim seemed to perk up.

“Alright,” Yahn spoke as he settled his attention from the woman he held, over to Cayden. “There is something I never revealed.” his tone was serious.

Cayden leaned forward, Maffan looked still. “What is it?” Cayden said in an almost growl.

“Valak Oman had a... Has a son.” He said.

I looked at Cayden, who was all still except for the fist he had formed on his knee. “And why didn't you say anything?” Cayden grumbled through a clenched jaw.

“I didn't think it was important. The boy was nothing like his father, but...” Yahn paused.

“But?” Cayden chirped.

“Well he wasn't entirely like his father. He had his smarts, but not the maliciousness,” he coughed. “But then again, no one expected Valak to be a villain either.”

The whole room was silent, I kept my eyes on Cayden who took a breath. “And you believe that he is the reason Tempest has resurfaced?” he asked.

Yahn huffed, “It is possible.” he said before shuffling. “Look, I wish I could help you more, but that is all I can offer you. I've had to increase my security since the attack in Firmus, and if Tempest really is back, then they will be wanting both you and I dead. Your being in Muspar alone has put myself and my son in danger and I'd appreciate your expedited departure.”

That's when the woman in his lap finally spoke, taking the rest of the room off guard, “You're right,” she said in a dignified tone when without even blinking, he pulled a small knife and slit Yahn Izarra's throat.

“Dad!” Barim cried as he shot upwards. My eyes were wide as I watched the blood pour from Yahn's neck as he fell back. Cayden and Maffan shot upwards too and went to pull their guns. I was frozen.

I watched as the assassin laughed and kicked Barim in the jaw before hurling him at a wall. Cayden raised his pistol and aimed right at the woman. “Stop! Right now and we won't hurt you.” He growled at her.

She laughed again and raised her arm before bringing a hand to her cuff. It flashed a light and both Maffan and Cayden flew backwards, hitting the wall hard. They grunted and I could see them breathing, which was a relief. But they weren't getting up. The assassin paced slowly towards them with the bloody knife in hand. She didn't even look at me.

“Don't bother trying to get up. You're paralyzed from the neck down.” she said with a smirk. I swallowed as she continued moving forward. “But you can feel everything.” she whispered as she ran a hand along Cayden's chest, all the way down to his crotch. “Unfortunately, we don't have too long until the effects where off.” she sighs before standing again. “But I can kill your little slut over there and make you watch.” Cayden struggled with a grunt before shooting me a look as I fumbled to open my pouch. “Unfortunately, my employer does not wan't you alive, nor does he want your body, just your head.” she said, “Enjoy your last few moments, Cayden Tirrg.” She giggled as she turned around.

“How 'bout you enjoy them. Bitch.” I said as I shakily aimed and pulled the trigger right at her chest. My eyes were wide as I watched her cry out and fall to the floor, her knife leaving her hands and making a clinking sound. I swallowed before taking heavy breaths. Slowly, I lowered the gun as the guards cam bursting in the door. They took one look at their dead employer, then at me and grabbed me. My heart was beating fast.

“Wait!” Barim's shaky voice called. He groaned as he raised himself up. He spoke in Musparian and motioned to the dead assassin on the ground. Relief came over me as the guard released his grip. I backed away and collapsed the gun. I watched as Barim hurried to his father's side and started to weep. I swallowed again.

“Good shot, Jason.” I heard Cayden's voice murmur. I jolt around and hurry over to his and Maffan's sides.

“Are you guys alright?” I ask, not really realizing that my hand was resting on Cayden's chest.

Maffan chuckled, “Just another day for us.” he says with a grin.

I smile and turn to Cayden, then I notice my hand and pull it away. “Uh, sorry I took so long to shut her up.” I say with a grin.

He laughs and he shows me his teeth again. “Don't worry about it.” he tells me as he leans his head forward to peer at the the scene ahead. “Damn... poor guy.” He mutters while we watch Barim hold his father and I can't help but feel my eyes water. I turn away and look at the lifeless body of the woman I had shot. I felt strange. I gulped. This was the second person I had... shot. Cayden watched me intently as I moved over to her side. My heart was racing as I glanced down at her wrist. “What are you doing?” he asks quietly as I start to fiddle with the cuff.

I continue to play with it until it unclasps itself. I can't help but grin as I turn back to Cayden and Maffan and hold up the shiny object. “This may come in handy, don't you think?” I say as Cayden starts to grin, and despite the terrible feeling in the pt of my stomach, I can't help but smile back at him.


By the time we got back to the Hurricane, whatever she had done to Maffan and Cayden was beginning to wear off. Barim had gotten us a ride back with one of his father's guards... well, former guards. We were in the medical lab, along with Uric who wanted to assess them.

I felt terrible, and I couldn't shake the scene from my head. Yahn's bleeding throat and the assassin falling to the floor. I was glad though. Had I not acted when I had, Cayden and Maffan... and even me, would be dead.

“You say she did this with a bracelet?” Uric asked in disbelief.

I nodded, “Yeah, this.” I said as I handed the small cuff to him. He looked at it for a few seconds as I glanced at Cayden. He could move his arms, but his legs were still out of order.

He grunted and propped himself up on the table, “Think you could find out how it works?” Cayden asked.

Uric paused and rubbed the device. “Maybe. However, these sort of gadgets aren't my specialty, so I make no guarantees.” he replies as an idea pops into my head.

“Well, what about Kitch? I bet he could help you!” I say with a grin. Uric's eyes turn serious and I remember what Kitch said about Uric apparently not liking him.

He cocks an eyebrow, “I don't think that's a good idea.” he tells me as he turns on his heel over to a counter.

“It's a great idea!” Cayden's voice booms and we all turn to him.

“What?” Uric squeaks.

“Between the two of you, I'm sure you can figure it out, maybe even make us some more.” Cayden beams. “What do you think, Mach?” he asks as he turns to his friend beside him.

Maffan smiles and struggles to lift himself up. “Well, it would be interesting to learn more about this thing.” he says before throwing me a knowing glance. I chuckle before looking over to Uric, who clearly wasn't impressed. At least Kitch should be excited.


The doors to the deck snapped shut behind me as I felt the chill of the Murparian night brush against me. Who knew that Muspar could get this cold at night? With a yawn, I made my way to the rail and leaned myself on it. I couldn't stop thinking about the assassin. I can't believe I did it.

I looked up to the sky, hoping to see stars. Nope. I sighed while looking to the city, miles and miles below. It was shining like a jewel. I smirked as I folded my arms across.

I don't know how long I was there, my mind kinda went blank. But I came to when I heard boot-steps behind me. “Jason?” I heard the captain say as a smile grew on my face. “What are you doin' out here this late?” he asked as I turned to face him.

I paused for a moment. “I uh, couldn't sleep.” Which was true. Well, I assumed it would be. I hadn't really tried to sleep yet.

He smiled and placed himself beside me, with the hair on his arm brushing against mine. The only thing that did as make me shiver. “Nice to erm... see you walking again.” I said with a laugh.

He chuckled and let out a sort of grunting sound. “Thank you.” he says with a grin that seems to warm me right up. But I freeze when he leans a bit closer. “And uh, thank you again for what you did earlier. Looks like you only owe me 2 life-savings now.” he said with a chuckle.

I laughed, “Actually I only owe you one.” I say as I remember the events at Lurian, where I had taken out the Tempest goon. “I seem to recall taking out that Tempest asshole at the stadium!” I snickered again.

“Oh, please...” He teased with a squint and nudge at my shoulder.

When my laughs had died down, the feeling about the assassin started to resurface and I grew quiet, which Cayden of course noticed.

“Are you alright?” he asked me with concern. I nodded and he shuffled around so that his massive chest was facing me. This wasn't making me feel any better. “Can't stop thinking about earlier, huh?” I slowly looked at him out of the corners of my eye and swallowed before giving a slight nod. I jumped a little when he grabbed my shoulder, but then I smiled. “You seem awfully more affected by what happened with the assassin than you did with the Tempest gunner.”

He was right. It was something I hadn't even noticed. I bit my lip and turned to him, “Yeah...” I paused as I thought. His hand started to move along my shoulder and I swallowed, “Uh I... think...” no I didn't. I couldn't think at all with Cayden touching me right now, but I didn't at all want to pull away.

“Is it because, you saw her face, but didn't see his?” Cayden muttered with big brown eyes. I turned away and the more I ran his words over in my head, the more it made sense.

I turned back, “Yeah, I think so.” I said with surprisingly, some relief.

The big idiot smiled and pulled his hand away. “Well you did the right thing, and I'm proud.” Proud? I tilted my head, I hadn't heard that said about me since I wasn't alone. “It may take you some time to get over it, the first one's always do. But I gotta say, it won't be the last time you'll be put in situations like that, and you'll need to be ready for them.” he tells me in a much sterner sounding tone.

I nod my head frantically. “Of course.” I respond. He was right again. This would be a feeling I'd need to get over if I was going to be here on the ship. I turned to my captain again and admired his teeth. There was no place I'd rather be.


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